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    The 411 On Gp32x Emulation Quality

    A couple years back I use to be into the GP32 heavily and had a FLU that a bought used. Anyways the front light went out on it and sold it. The GP32X was still a while away from being released. Before you tell me to search the forums, Google etc, I have done this. I would like to know is the...
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    L@@k, Selling Neo Geo Collection
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    3 Count Bout Mvs Neo Geo Cart
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    Neo Geo Shock Boxes For Mvs Lot Of 6 Like New!!!
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    Gp32 Game Park Handheld System + Loads Of Extras.
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    Her Knights: All For Princess Boxed Like New
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    Wanted Neo Geo Mvs Carts

    PM me if you have Neo Geo MVS or Shock Boxes to sell or maybe trade. :D
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    Help W/ Pinball Dreams

    I finally got my GP32 USB cable thanks to Jaw. I am using Slubman's frimware as now since it's fast and slick, anyways I have the plugin installed to play comcercial games. Also, I have the Euro firmware as an fxe file just in case. To make sure the uSB cable was working i use the Phdrive...
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    L@@king For Gp32 Usb Cable

    When I purchased my FLU online it didn't come with a USB cable so I sue a SMC reader to transfer games. However, I would like to be able to download games from Game Parks offical website and need the USB cable to register my GP32 online. If you have an extra one or want to sell yours please let...
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    Fnes32 Leaked

    I was just browsing website and to my suprise I was that fNES32 was there to download and sure enough the link works. Go grab it here! The interesting thing is there is a section for fmame32 here but it says the download is comming soon. Haven't tried FNES32 yet but...
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    What Happened To???
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    What Happened To

    Does any one know what happend to and is has been down for some time. However, is still up and running but I find it odd that there page is completly gone, does any one know????
  13. T Is Back Online

    For those of you who didn't know, GP32 News is back online and they totally revamped their website!!!!
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    Your Favorite Firmware And Config

    Before posting this I have searched the form and the information is very outdated. I am curious to know people's personal configs and options and how their setup is to get the most out of their GP32. I did not make this form so people would flame each other but rather just share. Another...
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    Wireless Adaptor Question

    Does any one know or have tried using the GP32 Wireless Adaptor with GP Linux and know if you can get a network connection wiht it or if it's just strickly for multi player or if it is a real network card?
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    New Great Idea!!!

    If some one out there you has the time and programings skills wants to write some thing that would be extremly usefull for the GP32 community, here is my idea... If there was a program like the MAME GP File Copier but for SNES, GENESIS etc that would pull the ROMS that are compatible with the...
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    Commedore 64 How-to Use C64: Gpfrodo Emulator

    Has any one used the gpFrodo Emulator?,0,0,0,5,10 It is different then other emulators and the demos. I never used the c64 in real life and tried to attach the directory and then try to load the demo but don't see a run button. Am I just blind or do...
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    Bor Mods

    I found out about this site a ferw days ago and been mneaing to post it for those you were not aware. However, the MODS here are for PC, Dremcast, XBOX you get the idea. I thought that I would try Dante Must Kill and it works just fine!!!! It's...
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    Gp32 Modifications

    I was just wondering if any one knows of a company or individual who is trustworthy that they have delft with from experience who can do the memory and over clocking MODS etc. I know this can be done searching Google but I am wanting to know of personal experience if any one out there has dealt...
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    Looking For Gp32 Commercial Games

    I am looking for any commercial games for the GP32. Mainly Her Knights & Dungeon Guarder but others will interest me as well. Please message or email me if you have GP32 commercial games you are selling. I am also looking for SMC cards if you can give me a good deal on them... Thanks, Ed