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    Modded Xbox (legal)/ Gameboy Sp

    Xbox with 160gb HD installed with the Xenium Ice chip... Right now the HD is whipped clean with LEGAL linux cromwell bios. The only thing you don't get with this xbox is microsofts warrenty.. obviously :P xbox= $150 chip= $50 HD= $90 Will be willing to sell for $250.. Did I mention it...
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    Gp32 Blu With Lots Of Extra's!

    Hey there! I've decided to sell my GP32 blu because of lack of time to play many of my electronics anymore. Here is everything you get: GP32 blu system IN ORIGINAL BOX! (no cosmetic issues) GP32 cleaning cloth GP32 GP LINK (for wireless play) GP32 USB cord GP32 marked headphones! TWO 16 mb...
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    Gp32 Blu Forsale. W/ Accesories! Only Week Old.

    Selling a week old GP32 Blu. Will come in original box and packaging (install cd's plus a cd with all games and emulators).. Cleaning cloth, 2-16mb cards... (one with emulators on it and one with dungeon and guarder)... The GP-Link (wireless adapter thingi).. GP32 headphones...and an AC adapter...