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    Anyone Got A Pm From This Guy ?

    Hello I am interested in buying the Frontlit Gp32 With Extras that you have laced for sell now, and I would want to enquire about the resent condition of the above mentioned, as well as some detail about you. I expect this timely enough. As for the ayment, I would need you to get back in touch...
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    Need A Small Pmp For Work

    I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, the hard thing i have to do there is actually finding something to do. I have spent the last 2 weeks getting paid to do absolutely nothing. so to make my days more intresting I am looking for a small portable video player so I can take tv series and...
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    First Wii Mod Chip ? (video Included)

    video - info & pictures or modchip -
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    Ps3 European Launch Date Revealed

    The long-awaited PlayStation 3 will finally go on sale across Europe on 23 March, and will cost 599 Euros. The electronics giant has said that only the 60GB version of the console will be available at launch, with the 20GB model to follow later. The next-generation console is already available...
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    Cheaper To Buy From Us ?? (uk Buyer)

    I feel its time for me to buy a gp2x again, I would like to buy a new unit. I looked on and the price is £124.99 for the basic one I also looked on (in the us) and the price is $189.99 Because of the current exchange rate $189.99 = only £96...
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    Hacking The Xbox 360’s Hd-dvd For The Pc

    looks like a nice cheap way to get a HD-DVD drive for your pc ;)
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    The Best Movie Trailer Ever ?? Ive seen the trailer about 10 times now, i really really really cant wait for this movie!!!!
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    Best Country For Buying Cheap Technology ??

    Where would be the place place to go on holiday, somwhere i can have a a good time, but also pick up lots of cheap pmp's and things like that. I went to thailand earlyer in the year but didnt really see anything there. im looking to go at the start of 2007
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    Sony Cuts Price Of Playstation 3 By 20%

    Shame its only in japan, and only with the cheaper model
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    Nintendo Gives European Wii Price

    full story It seems a pretty fair price to me. I cant wait for mario kart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the any news on when its going to be released ?? maby some nice screen shots :D
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    Anyone Know What This Portable Device Is ???

    All-in-one Player: Portable Digital Camara/Camcorder, mp3/mp4 player, mini games console, records from TV, ... This twin-speaker player comes with 25 FREE Games (RRP£19.99) in an SD Card! 3 Mega Pixels Digital Camara/Camcorder, can be used as a Webcam! 512Mb internal Memory, can be used with...
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    Wanted - Nintendo Ds

    Im in the uk, would prefrer a uk seller. i want one asap so hurry!!!!!!!!
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    Gp32 Blu, No Smc's Only Console And Box (£193!!!!&

    Just seen this on ebay and thought id share this with you, if your feeling down and need a little laugh read on........
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    Gp32 Blu & Extras £20 !!!! (today Only)

    Im £20 short on my rent and my landlord is a ***** so if the is anyone in bristol or can get to my house in bristol I will (unhappily) sell you my GP32 BLU (overclocks to 230+mhz) 2 128MB cards, the original CD that came with it & the USB cable and some rechargable batteries and a charger. I...
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    Veiwing (offline) Webpages On The Gp32

    I have downloaded !reader and used it to loads a few txt files for bed time reading. I then found out that I can use !reader to veiw html pages, So i went to my fav conspiricy site and saved a few pages (firefox > file > save page as > *.html) it saves the page as a *.html and all the images...
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    Race - Neo Geo Pocket

    Just got RACE fromt he main page, i have installed it and got a few games running. I have read threw all the readme files that came in the zip file, but the is nothing that tells me how to get to the options, such as over clocking and frameskip, the is a mention of the overclocking and...