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    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    Hey, long time no speak, it's been 10 years since I first joined this site. :o   I got my GP32 BLU down from the loft yesterday and thought I'd have a go.   The unit turns on (red light) but the screen appears blank. Nothing happens.   It was stored very well, and has suffered no damage.  ...
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    Nintendo's Brain Training Gaff?

    Christ Tarrant advertises DS Brain Training Recent adverts hre in the UK have our 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' host Christ Tarrant advertising 'Brain Training' on the DS. In the advert, it is said that by Chris playng the game, he will remember more things for his wife (such as an...
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    That Giveaway Thing The Bbc Recommended?

    I watched a video a while back on the BBC about: They said it was it like? NOTE: I don't have an account or anything, I was just curious.
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    This Must Be A Con, Right? (sony Vaio Laptop)

    Been looking for a small Sony Vaio for a while now, saw this and it screamed tell me, what do you think the play is here?
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    What's Your Top 5 Xbox Games?

    Looking to add some XBOX games to my collection, but really out of the loop when it comes to XBOX games...instead of just reading reviews, I thought I'd ask you...the People...what are your top 5 XBOX games of all time...and...what's the best recent releases...(don't have to be exlusive to the...
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    Xbox 360 Thread

    Played an XBOX 360 yesterday in Currys..... Not impressed with the graphics to be honest...but they might have had it on a low res (at least I hope they did). I played COD and it looked better on my PC....still, an improvement over the XBOX. What I was impressed with was the design of the pad...
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    Buying A Psp In The Uk...

    Someone I know wants to buy a PSP as a Christmas present. Doesn't care about firmware etc, she's mainstream. Where can she get one in the UK? Everywhere is out of stock.
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    21st October 2005

    Konami and SI games know what they're doing. I think the boys at SI have more to do with the same day release, they know how special it will be to release the two games that define electronic football on the same day. 18 Days to go. :D
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    Who's Ordered An Xbox360?

    I think I might order an XBOX360 for Christmas. Shortages are worrying though. Who's ordered and from where? What's my best bet to make sure I get it before Christmas from a UK online shop? Later.
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    Football Manager 2006

    Now that we're all hyped up about WE/PES. Time to start the Football Manager 2006 hype machine: We all know what to expect from the PC version: (4th November!) But, what about the PSP version...
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    [psp] Firmware Trick Released For Umd Games....

    Hopefully this works well, WAB released a program to allow you to trick the PSP into thinking its got a different firmware. Dont worry, this is only for UMD games, so no piracy here. Just means, me and Sensible will be able to play our beloved WE and still keep our homebrew. The world has...
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    Psp V2.0 Firmware (jap) (27th July)

    Tipped off by PSPUpdates, I've just found this on the offical PSP website: Points of Interest: - [ Internet browser ] was added. - Wallpaper performance was added. - Sending and receiving performance of the picture was added. - The TIFF, the GIF, the PNG and the BMP were added to type of file...
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    Japanese Magazine Releases Web Browser For The Psp

    ÜÛß ßÛÜ Ü²²Ý Þ±²Ü ±±²²ÛÜ Ü°ÜÛßþÜÛþßÛÜÜÛßþÜ .:RGO:. ܱ²ÛÛ² Þ²Û² ßÛÜ Ü°ßþÜÛßþþßÛÜÜßþþßþßÛÜþßÛÜ Ü±²²²ÛßÝ ²±²ÛÜ...
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    Ram Upgrade Question

    I've recently come into some money thanks to a refund given to me by Expedia for messing up some of my plane tickets for the Champions League Final... I was thinking of upgrading the ram on my PC, 512mb just doesn't cut it these days. I've got 4 ram slots and the capacity to use up to 4GB of...
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    Who Lives In East Anglia?

    I have been searching for weeks and weeks and weeks for these: You just simply cant get them in the UK unless you want to pay some extortionate prices. (including ebay) Because of the weight (around 7kg a pack) shipping fromt he US is really expensive (as it is in the UK - but still...
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    Liverpool Enter The Champions League Final

    European Mastermind (That's on the right, Jose) Ssshhhhhhhhhh! Heroes. The most poetic picture of them all. F*ck Off Lampard.
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    The New Psp Web Browser Hack

    Found this on Gamespot. Everyone says it works, but then, I've yet to find a site with a bigger collection of mongs. Anyway: I cant try it since I dont have Wipeout.
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    New Psp Fimeware Update You can download via the online updater directly on your PSP or you can download via your PC and manually put the file on your memory stick. The update offers nothing major, but is good news for those non English (or Japanese) speaking amongst us. I...
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    Psp - Put Your Face (or Whatever) In The Game...?

    Have been reading a few things about some of the PSP launch titles, and came across this in regards to Tony Hawks: Face in the Game: Use the SCEA Memory Stick Duo to customize your own skater. Can you tell us more about this Bast? I hadn't heard of anything like this being in a PSP game...