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  1. laurencevde

    Has anyone tried a scanner with the pandora?

    Scanners also have a far, far higher resolution.
  2. laurencevde

    possible soc updates.

    Grench, that benchmark is ancient... it was run in 2010, and android's webkit has had some significant improvements since. My phone (samsung infuse: cortex A8 overclocked to 1.6Ghz, 512MB ram, android 4.3) runs sunspider in 2193ms. Or 2721ms at the stock 1.2Ghz. So that makes the atom ±6x faster...
  3. laurencevde

    3DS Emulator and 3D screen for Pandora's Successor?

    No, they probably introduced the 2DS because that autostereoscopic screen still is too expensive, and Nintendo wanted to lower the base price. Besides, it was a pretty lousy screen anyways (low resolution, low viewing angles). Far fewer people would have issues with it if that screen were...
  4. laurencevde

    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    Pan2 -> PanTwo -> Pantoo (with a dash of linux mascot, but too tacky) -> Panto
  5. laurencevde

    128GB Lexar SDXC card benchmarks

    Eehm, FAT is pretty much guaranteed to get corrupted if you're not careful with it.... And it issues several tiny writes for every write, which is slow and quite damaging to your flashcard... (though it'll take decades of heavy use to kill it...)
  6. laurencevde

    Release LWJGL

    How about spoutcraft, which is an opensource launcher and mod for minecraft that pretty much reimplements minecraft's renderer (among other things)?
  7. laurencevde

    Original First Batch Orders - Are You In Craig's Queue? [Please read 1st post]

    Waiting. Ordered on 8 oct 2009. edit: added date.
  8. laurencevde

    Class 10 SD cards worth it?

    There's little to no difference between class6 and class10. For a long time, class6 was simply the highest speed-class defined... However, by now, <class10-cards are mostly just old cards, and not really any cheaper than class10's (they start at ~.50/.60Eur/GB). Any decent modern SD-card should...
  9. laurencevde

    Pandora is WAY overpriced????

    @ANDROID: some minor additions: Samsung, which sells most androids, doesn't lock its bootloaders. most others allow you to unlock it. Which, IMNSHO, is just plain stupid. It increases the costs and maintenance-burden, and decreases the driver's quality (less Q/A and lower-quality code), and...
  10. laurencevde

    Pandora 2: Battery

    Moving the USB-port won't help, as you still have the shoulderbuttons. If you move the stylus-storage to the screen, you can get 33% additional space for the battery (though currently the headphone-connector and volume-wheel are a bit in the way). If you do that, you can make (well, almost...
  11. laurencevde

    Ways to encrypt an SD card?

    An earlier version of truecript's license said that nothing in the license should be construed as a covenant not to sue for copyright-infringement, effectively mooting the license... Luckily, that part got changed in the current license, and now only applies if you do not comply with the...
  12. laurencevde

    Why EXACTLY is GameCube emulation so "unachievable"?

    There's currently an arm-port of dolphin (and a GLeS3-video-plugin) in development. Here's the git-branch. Don't know how far along it is, but with the speed at which ARM-chips are getting faster, I guess we'll be able to play gamecube-games on handhelds/smartphones relatively soon.
  13. laurencevde

    New 95MB/s SanDisk SD card. Results.

    I wrote a small script a few years ago to test latencies, found here. It's not perfect, but will do the trick.  For a more real-world benchmark, you can also check /sys/class/block/*/stat after using the card for a while. Divide the 8th number by the 7th to get the average wait-time per write...
  14. laurencevde

    New 95MB/s SanDisk SD card. Results.

    Can you also test the random(4k)-write-speed of all your cards? That's the only thing that'll show significant differences on the Pandora, and is quite important if used for the OS.
  15. laurencevde

    Nvidia's Project Shield - 'Android & Tegra 4 inside'

    I wonder how often that SOC actually gets to do anything... Android's high-end controller-input-friendly games-library is pretty small, and barely worth playing if you can stream from a computer (and no, this thing won't change that, it just won't sell (long) enough to warrant making games...
  16. laurencevde

    Wi-fi speed

    This seems like high amounts of packet-loss, which will cause TCP to throttle back, and other protocols (like arp ,dhcp, and dns) to fail sometimes...
  17. laurencevde

    Supper Zaxxon on Raspberry Pi ?

    That, and the Raspberry's CPU is an arm11, and as such, not fully binary-compatible with the Pandora's apps (though the Pandora should be able to run raspberry-binaries, but those'll be slower than when compiled for the Pandora). Oh, and there's a significant performance-difference between the...
  18. laurencevde

    Is There A Pandora Game For...

    there should be one in kdegames, called kiriki
  19. laurencevde

    How would you prefer to save progress?

    Many Pandoras will probably be used on the road, with shitty network-connectivity at best. So, if the game has singleplayer, storing the savegame locally is pretty much a must. You could let server-admins decide what other servers to trust, and what to do with local savegames, so that everyone...