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  1. xpansive

    After a long day, there'll be another one (2011-12-21)

    I haven't really been keeping up with this project recently, and this probably isn't the best place to ask, but what's the status with batch one preorders? I ordered from Craig and haven't got any notifications since then, so I assume it's still coming. Would anyone care to clarify?
  2. xpansive

    Suggestions for MP3 player

    Rockbox was just ported to the Pandora! Don't have mine (and probably won't for a while, #3000) so I can't test it, but it sure sounds good!
  3. xpansive

    What app / game do you want to see? :)

    I'd love to see fennec running, I downloaded it on my comp but it's not the same without a touchscreen.
  4. xpansive

    Pandora Pandora Font

    Looking really good! :D
  5. xpansive

    The Pandora talks! Literally.

    My DS makes weird noises through the headphones sometimes
  6. xpansive

    Early Pandora Preditictions ?

    Hah that's great
  7. xpansive

    Official fan artwork

    Made this a while back using my epic ascii art skills...
  8. xpansive

    Pandora running Windows 95 - cross-platform purpose testing only

    I remember playing roller coaster tycoon on a windows 95 box - it went at a decent speed (although I used a no-cd patch because it only had a 1X cd drive).
  9. xpansive

    Best NES Games

    Megaman 2.
  10. xpansive


    Just found out about minecraft a week ago, it would be really nice to have this on the Pandora.
  11. xpansive

    What are you listening with?

    Sennheiser CX300-II, $90 of awesomeness.
  12. xpansive

    The Movie Thread

    Being a die-hard chiptune fan, I just ordered Reformat The Planet, a documentary on (you guessed it) chiptunes. I'll post a review when it comes. If anyone else is interested, you can buy it in the 8bitpeoples store. (google it!)
  13. xpansive

    500 Members!

    We've finally surpassed gp32x! :D
  14. xpansive

    Bittorent distribution

    Great idea, I think it would be useful to be able to download everything in one torrent.
  15. xpansive

    anyone notice?

  16. xpansive

    October the 18th (2010-08-28)

    Great news, maybe i'll have mine before christmas (although that happens to be what I thought last year).
  17. xpansive

    Mupen64Plus Compatibility List

    Nice list - should be useful.