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  1. cbox

    OBD-II software

    Recently ordered an OBD-II USB adapter from DealExtreme (like 20 bucks) and was wondering if anyone was looking into porting software that uses this vehicle diagnostics connector. It looks like there are quite a few open source linux programs out just by googling it (...
  2. cbox

    Where Do You Use Your Gadgets?

    I've mostly been using mine as a music player at work, it helps pass the time, and no other music player out there has the expandability, I can fill a 32 gig card with tons of music so I never get bored. Also been gaming on my lunch break and at home with it, mostly older consoles.
  3. cbox

    Proxy Settings On The Pandora?

    Proxy settings would be inside of whatever browser you use, like for example in Firefox here's a walkthrough: here Other browsers it will probably be in a different place, but probably the same place where you set your internet connection settings.
  4. cbox

    Exaile Does Not Work, Other Options

    I like audacious, it's what I use to play music on my pandora
  5. cbox

    Does Pandora Charge In 'sleep' Mode?

    I keep my Pandora plugged in overnight and put it in sleep mode and it always wakes up fully charged, so I'm pretty sure it's charging in sleep.
  6. cbox

    Decent Price On 32 Gig Sd Card

    Over at they have a 32 gig card for $29.99 for today only! ($5 shipping)
  7. cbox

    Streaming Media From Pc To Pandy

    Pretty sure VLC supports UPNP
  8. cbox

    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    I found a magazine for CPU
  9. cbox

    Pandora Power Switch

    I've gotten used to just leaving it plugged into my pc USB cable. Then when I remove it it's almost always charged.
  10. cbox

    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    I've been waiting since the very beginning of this project, I ordered the day it went on sale, got mine a couple weeks ago. It's definitely worth the wait. Early adapters are kinda spoiled having to pay less because of the currency fluctuations, which was the main reason I never cancelled, I...
  11. cbox

    Pandora-Friendly Google Streetview

    Looks useful, how do you get it to change whatever's in the left screen? I did some searches and they kept the Italian pictures in the left no matter what I was looking at in the right part.
  12. cbox

    Pandora Price Increase!

    I believe the ebay pandoras are refurbs.
  13. cbox

    Gigolo Asks For User Name And Password

    When I use gigolo on my home network it doesn't ask me for a password, I can connect to my movies share fine. Having problems streaming movies though, might be a setting in the media player.
  14. cbox

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Hmmm... compressed all my bin/cues I had on my pandora to the PocketISO compressed format and the program won't load them, says unsupported image type. Question answered above, guess I can't use maximum compression option.
  15. cbox

    Pandora Power Switch

    Just got my pandora and am a little confused about the power button, I thought when you closed the lid it went into power save mode or something, so I did that and took my pandora home and then when I brought it back to work its down to like 15% power, so I guess it keeps running with the lid...
  16. cbox

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    I tried some games over the weekend, here's what I tried: Medal of Honor [U] [SLUS-00974] works great, probably could be overclocked a little, was slow on default clock Crash Bandicoot works great, might need overclocking as well Crash Bandicoot 2 works great TombRaider Collector's Edition...
  17. cbox

    I Got My Pandora

    Got mine today. Pretty happy with build quality, seems sturdy and have been able to be up and running with several games already. Still getting the hang of the OS though, not sure how to close and open programs easily with hotkeys like I can in Windows. For instance when I open a game, who...
  18. cbox

    Nooo Faulty Pandora... Only 4 Days Old...

    You'd have to mess with voltage to get it that high (if yours will even hit 1ghz)
  19. cbox


    Is Eduke32 available for download anywhere? I checked this thread and the link that was posted to download is dead.
  20. cbox

    Another Pandora Ripoff? [Pandora Vs Atari Portfolio]

    Commodore 128 was DOS compatible, I had one. The thing was though, there wasn't much software that ran on it. The 128 had three modes, 64 mode, 128 mode, and DOS mode. I think I had one program that ran in DOS mode. They had a different kind of disk drive compared to PCs and the sectors and...