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  1. McLovin

    Any news from McLovin ?

    what's up?
  2. McLovin

    Just wondering

    missions in open world games are tricky. you get used to the openness of the world and start thinking around corners, but sometimes the mission-scripts ask for dependencies you can't know upfront. like, in gta4 and RDR a lot of hunting/chasing missions are really breaking the immersion. I...
  3. McLovin

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    oh no! In 2 years without release, craig will ask us to pay 600 bucks for an upgrade to mupen64.... and this time we can't even ask for a refund ;) Greetings to those who, like me, think the new version might be finally there and fill with hope and excitement, everytime they see there's a new...
  4. McLovin

    Picade: The arcade cabinet kit for your Raspberry Pi

    Damn it, why are those single-player?
  5. McLovin

    I wonder what is the point of having top of the chart processing power?

    well, just split the 6mAh battery in 2 3mAh ones. Use one up before using the other and then switch. I'd imagine some people would buy like 10 batterys for non-stop action on long trips ;)
  6. McLovin

    I wonder what is the point of having top of the chart processing power?

    i just imagined how amazing a split battery would be, switchable at runtime. you might make more money on batterys then on pandoras :D
  7. McLovin

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    Well, no surprise, totally understandable. Anyway, you could give some additional info on the new release. Will it do doubled resolution by default? Any settings you think make a difference... Any settings you think make a difference... Does it work with original bios or only hle?
  8. McLovin

    My impressions of the Pandora

    why not just paint it to look even more like a walkmen. it wouldn't be outdated but retro :P
  9. McLovin

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    can i bug you to send me the beta ;)
  10. McLovin

    Pandora outdated?

    isn't this discussion a little off? it's not like pandora2 production has much of a choice. The mobile-SOC-market doesn't look like the pc-market a few years back where you could choose between a 3-4 ghz single-core and and 2-3 ghz dual-cores. from what i see, all soc-devs are increasing the...
  11. McLovin

    Openpandora2, what we know so far.

    what about the hinge? i'd think using the hinge used in icp2 could also just work with a p2. being abled to use the screen while hiding the controls might be pretty interesting.
  12. McLovin

    Openpandora2, what we know so far.

    i prefer linux anytime, but better android-support would indeed be ace. how about: resistive touchscreen for linux, capacitive backplate for gestures...
  13. McLovin

    Best PCSX Images to Use ?

    how to create eboots from linux?
  14. McLovin

    help develop the best damn programming language in the galaxy

    a functional programming language implemented in javascript! all variables have to be accessed by database-calls.
  15. McLovin

    the open pandora 2 must use an amd apu!

    Here in germany, 0-200 is where it counts :P Anyway, I want to throw in one real reason to keep arm: compatibility. We have some great software for arm and with next generation socs, it will truly shine. Also, I don't think x86 will do the magic things like automatic kernel compatibility...
  16. McLovin

    HW Hack: Keyboard light

    Maybe we could ask craig for the molds or a small production run of clear keyboard mats. We could also label them ourselves.
  17. McLovin

    (re)Play Expo 13th/14th October 2012 Manchester UK

    hey, notaz. the pandora project is going on as long as people believe it will. That's essentially the case since the first delays happened. We can all imagine how bad the situation really is and that things might break up fast. Anyway, in that matter, pandora production is similar to the world...
  18. McLovin

    GamesCom 2012 conclusion?

    Didn't we search for one one evening? :D
  19. McLovin

    More Pandora 2 crap (MicroSD Split)

    if i could wish for things the p2 should change: much better wifi mouse emulation on bottom plate - either touch or trackballish. clip-in or screw-in holes for extensions, like additional shoulder buttons, always connected usb-hubs, peripherals, etc. Make extension-ports easily...