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    Fast Boot Firmware - 15 Second Boots

    Build your own kernel with cramfs and network support. :D
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    Post Folder Tree Of Your Gp2x's Sd Card

    err... My mind turned your post into to the following question. :ph34r: "What is the point of this thread?" My answerwas "to spam?" so... yeah. I also don't see a point to this. Rather than posting your entire content, it would be better(and more helpful to others) to justpost your SD...
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    Java Jre

    What would you do with Java? Command-line games? There will be no AWT, or SWT support(or atleast until someone ports X) And wrinting the fb would be defeat the "spirit of java" by removing the abstraction from the hardware. Is it even possible to write the framebuffer in Java? Not to mention...
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    PSyMastR: You fail, a. Naruto sucks, too land and it gets nowhere. b. The second GitS movie is awesome. Back to topic: If it has Gundam in the title... :D
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    They also proved that girls are evil.
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    It is naked.... You could just use MSPaint/Photoshop/Gimp to rescale a large image.
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    I thought loli/pedo when I first looked at that ava. Upon further inspection I noticed I was right. <_<
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    GP2X Creating Sockets

    It will be nice if they fix it. Hopefully they will not fall back to "move to 2.6".
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    Do You Think That Xgp Mini Has Future?

    Animated GIF + sig and/or ava = me vomits keep it simple
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    Fast Boot Firmware - 15 Second Boots

    Did the kernel upgrade worked? That would be a reason.
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    Do You Think That Xgp Mini Has Future?

    SONY: your sig and ava piss me off. Just letting you know. welcome to adblock. :D
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    Fast Boot Firmware - 15 Second Boots

    Use a card reader. :D The gadget storage crashes every other minute anyways.
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    Replacement Interface

    Nice and XML don't mix well. The XML parcer would be larger and take more CPU cycles than the entire reste of the program. XML = waste Just use RFC822 and you will be happy.
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    BenScar: Port that to Linux. :D yeah... that is what you get for using "standard" languages. critical: I still don't see the point of all the classes overhead. And just becuase you have the resource, doesn't mean you have to waste them. BlackMac: I agree.
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    Vemode - Free Gp2x Video Converter

    AviSynth + Vdub = god :D
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    Moving from Java to C is easy. Java is too damn wordy for small projects. class myfirstjavaprog { public static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println("Hello World!"); } } Why all the classes? I just want to write hello. int main() {...
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    GP2X What Safety Tips When Logged In A Bash Prompt?

    The funny things is that /mnt/nand is quite safe. :D It is just an empty folder. It is useful if you want something(like sterm) to always be on your GP2X, even if you don't have an SD card on. "df -h" should tell you how much free space you have left.
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    GP2X Cool Apps Of The Future?

    That is not true. The GP2X does have a RTC, it just resets to Jan 01, 1990 everytime you turn it off. But it works.