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    GP32 Creating A New Game-console. Homebrew Project

    As far as getting a screen to build a prototype with, it might be worth picking up one of those PS1/PS2 flip down lcd. Jace
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    Gba Emu

    Sounded like he was tryin go get the emu in the bios to free up some ram
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    How-do! jace
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    Ripping Dvds With Subtitles To Gpcinema

    There's a plug in for virtual dub called vobsub, I think you need to rip another file off the dvd that contains the subtitles. The plugin has it's own program to configure it as well, change the position on the screen etc. Might be worth a look. Jace
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    I Love My Gp32

    CaSTaway!! LLamatron!!
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    Is Zodiac Killing The Gp32?

    I'm going to stick with the gp32, by the time I'd have saved up enough money for the zodiac the psp will be out, and for around the same price by the sounds of it. Now that would be a good system to code for, but it'll be a while before homegrown development tools are good enough. Too many...
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    If you use the xvid codec on 2 pass, you can give it a size to encode to instead of a bitrate. This might be easier to work out. Don't forget to take the sound into account though or it'll end up bigger than you're expecting. Either encode the sound in on both passes and subtract the size that...
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    What Do You Think Are The GP32's Limits?

    As far as I know, playstation was originally going to be a sony nintendo joint project, but ninty pulled out and sony went ahead on their own. That's why games like FF4+5+6 have been set up to play on the ps so well. To emulate the playstation would involve emulating pretty much the _entire_...
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    Help Me Out!

    Yeah, you'll need one straight away. The official gamepark games are available as download or pre-installed on smcs, but i'm not sure if you can add things to them, or if that is the only thing that can be on these cards. I haven't actually seen a flu in the flesh (?) so I don't know what they...
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    Good Encoders Advice Please??

    I had mp first, which meant the upgrade was less. All the films I had for moviepark worked fine in gpcinema. It is nice being able to have a higher framerate/bitrate, but I've still got a lot of things to get round to re-encoding. It is worth getting. I found by dropping the bitrate a bit, you...
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    Yay, Finally Ordered Gp Cinema

    If you can find an old download of vdub version 13c it came out _before_ the microsoft crack down on conversion out of .asf so it'll load 'em up fine. Jace
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    I Need A Batch File Renamer

    You could just copy /n using dos to copy in 8.3 and then run goodsnes, goodsms etc to name them back at the other end using their checksum. Hope that helps. Jace
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    No audio aoptions when using VirtualDub

    Do you know what format the original video file's audio was in?
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    Video conversion

    Thanks people I'll give that a go. It's only a short music video, but the picture's really tightly sync'd so it might look a bit rough if the software has issues!
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    Weird problem with Virtual Dub

    I think larger file share stuff tends to have problems 'cos they're downloaded from different places in parts. Smaller files will probably be all in one part. I moght be wrong but i'd guess it was something like this.
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    Video conversion

    Anyone know a program that'll let me convert a .rm video to an avi? I know real are a bit protective of their file format :P Jace
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    Weird problem with Virtual Dub

    There's a lengthy process I go through, but it seems to work a lot of the time. It uses virtualdub and aviedit. You have to split the video into 3 files:- 1. Video before error(s). 2. Error(s) section (to fix in aviedit). 3. Video after error(s). and then rejoin the sections after. 1. Video...
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    Audio decompressors (Codecs i guess)????

    Not sure how you could fix it without installing anything. Maybe if the codec was on a removable disk it might look for it there. Anyone know if this would work? Sorry I can't be more help. Jace
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    Someone mentioned divxpack when I had this same problem. It installs a number of different divx codecs at the same time. It should be an easy search. haven't got a link to it i'm afraid. Hope that helps. Jace
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    Big-screen HDTV resources

    If they don't want to spend too much you can get a 42in projection screen for about $1000 if you shop around. I think since plasmas came out and started dropping in price they've realised they need to shift them fast. Jace