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    Jpc - Java Linux & Arm Optimized Dos Emulator

    For optimizing Java what you do is optimize the JVM, not tweak the code. Is the same thing GCC does with C++ or any other language.
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    Pandora On Noticias3d And

    In and there is an article (in Spanish) about Pandora.
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    Pandora Standard File Format?

    There's a solution (well, many): Explore2fs Ext2 Installable File System For Windows ext2fsd Crossmeta As you can see, it's not a problem reading ext2 FS on Windows. And with the last link, ext3, ReiserFS and XFS too.
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    Openpandora On Pandora?

    It's a little different but what about Jamendo support?
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    GP2X The Penguin Must Die!

    How is it better to use someones API than Linux ones? I think having Linux "on your way" helps more than stops you from doing stuff. Look at how long has been needed to port Quake to the GP2X. I ask you (the ones that doesn't want Linux) have you programmed in DOS? It was fast, ok, but much...