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    More Mods Needed?

    Yeah I've been kinda awol recently because of sporadic internet connections to the Polish nodes. I think it's better now, so I'll try to mod more if needed. Remember to report posts you feel are worthy of moderation, those are usually dealt with quickly since we check our email more...
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    Spyware Removers

    I've heard the opposite, myself.
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    Normal Blu?

    I now declare that the new name of the BLU w/ Taiwanese screens is "BLU-", since it's inferior to the original BLU ;)
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    Pc Fucked - Hellp

    Actually, the AMD64 has far better failsafe support and runs cooler then a P4 (which runs cooler then previous AMD models).
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    What Do You Have On Your Smcs?

    SMC #1 * - People new to Genesis should look at this game for play on the GP32 GP:\GPMM\Genesis Alsia Dragoon (Platformer) * Altered Beast (Action) Alien Soldier (Beat 'em Up) * Alien Storm (Beat 'em Up) Castlevania - Bloodlines (Platformer) B.O.B. (Adventure) Bioship Paladin (Horz. Shooter)...
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    GP32 shooters: my top 5 picks

    Why wasn't Raiden or Thunder Force series mentioned? Hmm...
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    Pc Fucked - Hellp

    You've tried screwing around with the PCI cards, right? Here's more information on that particular BSOD for XP: Oh, and if you're going to build a new system and want Athlon, might as well get Athlon 64 as it's only a few bucks more...
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    Building A Computer

    Yes, Antec makes good cases. Don't buy one that "looks cool" unless you are really into that sort of thing ;)
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    Don't use Partition Magic to make a dual-boot system. If you're going to dual-boot, do it right. <-- if you already have Windows installed and don't want to worry about NTLDR problems...
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    #gp32dev Crap Games Compo 2005

    : makes an entry which formats your SMC and corrupts your firmware with a bad flash : I win! No seriously, some of these entries are actually interesting ;)
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    Building A Computer Those sites will help you learn about the technology, what's hot and what's not. I'll try to give you the run-down. - The Pentium 4 architecture with Hyper-Threading technology is about neck-and-neck with modern AMD...
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    Official Best Games For Sega Genesis

    I used to be able to beat that boss in my sleep...but it's been a looong time. The key to beating him is waiting until he squats down a little bit and hitting him in the chest, his only weak spot. Of course if you collect all the Chaos Emeralds and have more then 50 rings, the fight is a piece...
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    Just to note, there are plenty of free PVR / DVR software for Windows. DScaler, WinTV, VirtuaDub, etc. Whether or not Linux is more suitable to be a PVR unit is dubious. In fact, you may want to make sure you have a BT87x chipset with your TV Tuner, otherwise the Linux software may not be...
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    GP32 External C Image Arrays

    The images should be linked BEFORE the file that includes them. So put your images first after "OBJS = ", and end it with your implementation.
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    Limit The Filesize Of Avatars

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    Amd Or Intel..

    Never get a Pentium 4 on a Notebook, as 50% of them are actually desktop processors and will kill the notebook's battery life and even case life. Pentium-M on a notebook owns for speed AND battery life.
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    kram edited MY edit, which in this case is a no-no. Without him, this thread is pointless. So closing.
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    explorer.exe is the main Windows GUI, you can't stop it, it must always be running
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    Rpg Recommendations

    Note that Soleil is the European release of Crusader of Centry for those that are confused.
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    Limit The Filesize Of Avatars

    I usually warn people with avatars over 250KB or so.