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    Genesis Games

    When i see such a post i just want to shout: F*** Off! But i am a little more cultural and know what polite and constructive discussion means. So i hope that you will learn that too. In the meantime enjoy your new status and member group :|
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    Development Notification

    You want progress ? Here it is this month progress for [put here your wish or WIP program/game]: This moth i am too lazy, mostly sleeping all the time. End of W.I.P. news. Will it be enough for you ? What a stupid thread. Closed and LOL'ed.
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    Gp32 Vs Zodiac Replay

    This discussion is pointless as usual. To all those who want in future post another Something VS GP32 thread - Do I come to you house and say that your wife is ugly, your kids are stupid and you are a sucker saying "no my wife is beautifull for me, my kids are lovely" ????? DO I ? F**** NO! So...
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    GP32 Mode7 Driving Game Engine W.i.p

    Looking great. Keep working. Really good job. -hando-
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    Vbvns: A Vns Editor For Windows Betatest

    I am using it and probably more people is using it i think :) It is much more comfortable than typing by hand. Of course i probably wont make any good story (not too much time), but maybe some day i will release something :)
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    How Can I Get The Files From A .smc File ?

    Be proud. You just proved being the biggest dumb on this board :) Welcome in your new member group :) Be proud and enjoy. In case someone will wonder why he is banned - his post was so dumb and i deleted it.
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    Sure you can. Here is how to do it. Go to the new forum called Reviews. You can post your reviews there, users can give their comments. After that i will post a link to it in review section. Check Review forum for more info.
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    Board repaired

    me :) -hando-
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    Board repaired

    Board fixed. Sorry it took two days.
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    Member Ranks proposition

    Ok, check your MY CONTROL section :) If you have more than 200 post you can now change your custom title -hando-
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    Which ROMs will run on XcadeGP ?

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    test program sound bug

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    vdub encoding help

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    pinball dreams

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    GBC games?

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