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    A Sad Week For Me!

    Er... Soz 4 jumpin in on da thread an all! But i gotta a GP2x here, wid a big memory card. Any offers PM me! Location, canada. Will swap for drugs. Be quick.
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    Er, PM me, okayz?? How many dya want? Blak wite or wot?
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    Dis Thing Looks Ok

    Heyya'all! :D Heer iz a chick ah can DIG! Man, she sarnds hot2trot! ;) Listen up, bitch! Tell yaw Momma not2buy 1 of these dings, I can get ya1 for nuffin, no wot i meanz???? ;) ;) ;) Any1 else need anything, just let me no! I gotta load o dem xbox 370s kickin aorund2! Gud2b bak!
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    Lubidog an im ad a bittofa spat! Lubi defends Rico, Eezda MAN!!! :P
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    Xbox 360 - Ps3, I Need Just A Little Bit Of Advice

    I neva rote dat!!! It was not me, man! But Guud2 hav anava Gangsta inda haus! Sony pees onda compatishun!!! Go Microsoft, make sum more psps for me an ma mates2nick! (Offa still stands, PM me, an I'll git ya a psp, no box!) :blink: Bling, babe!
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    Nintendo Ds

    Anyone else here think Lubidog is a jerk! Jeeze, get a life looser :P
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    The Truth About The Pencil Trick

    Bloody hell, Drak! It's 3.17, GET TO BED!!!! Oh, you're in Canada.... :blink:
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    Fday Ordeal

    A retro machine that didn't offer backwards compatibility would be kinda odd, no? :huh:
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    What Digital Camera Should I Buy?

    Well, I am 'quite' happpy with my ixus 5megapixel. Occasionally it doesn't focus manually, but the pictures are lovely, and the build quality is superb! But are you a CF man, or an SD? Personally I prefer CF cards. they never go corrupted on me, whereas I've buggered up so many SD cards....
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    Nintendo Ds

    Okay, I can settle this! Ninty=crap, Sony=best! DS=Best,Sony=crap! Just in case anyone missed them, or just wants to read them again!
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    Nintendo Revoloution Preview?

    You just want to have virtual sex with the chick from FF19!!! :P
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    Post Your Nintendo Revultution Pics.

    Well, they don't fail me! It's bloody gorgeous, and I want one! Hell, I want several! This will blow sony and minsoft outta the water!!! It ROCKS!!! I know, cos my mate told me!!!!
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    Fday Ordeal

    Yep, south Koreans are so RICH!!! All of them! I work with a lot of guys from south Korean! As a dog, i am always on edge..... :huh:
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    Nintendo Ds

    Thank GOD for that! Now, I think I'll 'ave a nice cuppa tea!
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    Fday Ordeal

    I reckon some of the guys here attach great significance to a half inch.... :P
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    Nintendo Revoloution Preview?

    Well, if it has the option to output to a traditional tv... But don't dis it yet! At least it could be more than ANOTHER plastic box, with yet another faster processor etc. Come on, it has a drive to Make Games....? And you can get two slices of toast at once????? No, I say this looks...
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    Nintendo Revoloution Preview?

    Just seen this on another forum. Can I be the first to say "Toaster"? Gotta say it, if it IS genuine then it looks damm sexy! Got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up! Now if it is fake, and Ninty show us some boring hi-specced console at E3 then I'll be very disappointed. And we don't...
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    Nintendo Ds

    Yep! I reckon most of the points you made in your last post are valid, and well put. :D Horses for courses! Unless Ninty have really got it wrong, and aren't really behind the DS (in which case, they should be flogged), we could see some really interesting games that use the extra features...
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    Nintendo Ds

    rightifyouarenotgonnabothertousetheenterkey,thenwhyshudIbothertousethespacekeyInfactwhybothertouseanypuncuationatallmaybeyoushouldstartuyourownsocietywherepeoplegettogetherandjusttalswithoutstoppingyouretard! Now look here, you silly little school boy! If I came up to you in your primary school...