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    Looking For Cheap Half Broken Gp2X

    The SD card slot on the N800 just broke...I have the best luck ever.
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    Looking For Cheap Half Broken Gp2X

    I've been wanting to port some stuff to Maemo 'cause it sucks not having nice emulators and such on my N800 when I know its fully capable of doing so if someone would just put a little more effort into it. I know a lot more about programming than I used to, having taken some classes in college...
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    Pandora Good X86 Equivelant For Testing Pandora Apps

    You can probably limit the cycles per second QEMU emulates, if you were to go the scratchbox/qemu route.
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    Asked Pandora; For A French

    Yeah it's easy to map the keys to whatever you want, you just have to edit a certain text file.
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    This discussion reminds me of the stupid ads here by the 2 senate candidates. They have the same format, the same announcer, and sling the same mud at each other. Gordon Smith doesn't tell us why he's good, only why Jeff Merkley is bad. Jeff Merkley doesn't tell us why he's good, only why Gordon...
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    D-pad Design

    Just like the GP32! I'm still missing that d-stick :(
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    What Will Os Be Like?

    ...and that's why you set your terminal to black on white in public.
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    Write Code On The Pandora

    Yeah, coding on the go has been part of the design since day one pretty much. I don't think there's an Pandora emulator though besides the ARM linux emulators that already exist, which should be sufficient.
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    Hypothetical Situation: If 3000 Is All That Ever Get Made...

    If 3000 is all that ever get made... ...then we take it to Dragon's Den :lol:
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    Those visa gift cards aren't bad and provide a little extra security, too. Just don't get one from Green Dot as they're a pain in the ass to deal with. Get one from a real bank.
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    For your information, I don't watch TV news. There's no worse waste of time if you ask me. As for Obama, I can tell that he isn't making his own decisions. He's got his finger on the pulse and that's all he's listening to. Plans are nice, but they tend to go down the crapper quick without...
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    Obama would say anything to get your vote, and says different things to different people.
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    And Obama's gonna fix everything how? He can't even form an opinion, let alone a plan. At least McCain uses his own brain, rather than just blindly mirroring his exposure to public opinions. Pay attention to the *real* requirements for leadership, leave things like abortion and civil rights...
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    I'm pretty sure Craig doesn't like PayPal because of what it costs the retailer.
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    Wine For Windows Ce

    Then again, contradicting myself here, WinCE support in Wine would be a huge boon for the FOSS community, let alone the Pandora.
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    Amaricas Entering A Possable Second Depression.

    because spammers often peddle m3[)z
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    Wine For Windows Ce

    It would be easier just to port Windows CE to the Pandora like Firefly did for the GP32. You'd have to pay for it, of course.
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    Amaricas Entering A Possable Second Depression.

    QUOTE food... Remember when all food was organic? I don't.
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    The Gaming Public's First Reactions To The Pandora

    SEGA is Japanese, too. Perhaps you were thinking of Atari?
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    Making A Programming Language

    How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python is a good book to start with. You can download it for free or buy the hardcopy. Python's own user's manual is one of the best manuals I've ever read. It's all you need really once you've finished the other one.