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    GP2X Prebuilt Gcc 4 Toolchain For Gp2x?

    that would have to be built for your platform (freebsd, as it seems). I sent a patch to ooPo to make his toolchain work on solaris (ie. remove gnuisms) - that might help you on freebsd, too. he said he wanted to merge it this weekend, so maybe you can try the next release.
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    A Fresh New Toolchain+libs - Compiled On Demand!

    that code relies on certain shell features.. I replaced it with env |grep "PATH=" | ... (notice that there's no space before PATH anymore) to make it work on my system. testing if the new tree still works with my updated patches (solaris support - more generally, the script and glibc don't...
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    Dual-Prozessoren und Linux

    wenn man nicht grad preemptive multitasking will (wofuer will man das auf so ner kiste?) kann man so ziemlich jede funktion die von linux angeboten wird auch ueber libraries bekommen. ich mein, welche services brauchts denn? posix lib (newlib)? filesystem (fat support libraries gibts zuhauf)...
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    Dual-Prozessoren und Linux

    gibts die auch fuer was anderes als x86? wie siehts mit overhead durch das system aus? und wieso dann immer noch linux, wenn man auf solchen kisten relativ leicht auch ohne OS klarkommt, aufm gp32 ging es ja auch?
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    SNES / NES Emulator von NK

    damit linux mit ner CPU was anfangen kann, brauchts ne MMU (es gibt auch mmuless linux, aber das ist.. naja... :) ).. beim gp2x siehts wohl so aus, dass die erste cpu eine hat, die zweite aber nicht. damit ist das ding aus sicht von linux nen single processor geraet, also nix mit threads...
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    GP2X The Penguin Must Die!

    I had speed improvements in the range of factor 3 when switching from bash to zsh or ash (where ash is very likely more lightweight, too)
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    GP32 Memory Alloc Stuff

    depends.. passing references around helps you ensure ownership (there's exactly one non-refering variable, and the owner of that variable is the owner of that data structure) - with pointers it's unfortunately pretty common to create an object (datastructure, whatever you want to call it) in one...
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    Gp Cinema ???

    I think both pclink and gplink (the latter for sure, I wrote that feature) are able to install fpks directly
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    GP32 What Does This Line Of Code Do?

    it defines a type called "MyFunctionPointer" that can be used for function pointers of this form.. it's useful, eg. for dispatch tables. (MyFunctionPointer c[]= {foo,bar,baz}; c[2](userdata); )
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    GP32 Some Work On Gp32 Tools

    should work in 1.6p3 (available on my site)
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    Whats Up With Wind-ups Ver 1.0

    after they moved their site, they don't - at least they didn't have it, last I tried.. otoh on you can download wind-ups 2.0, so why bother?
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    GP32 Trouble With My Bitblt Function's Speed

    transvalue2=transvalue<<16; in=read32(data); if (in=(transvalue|transvalue2)) continue; // both transparent if (((in&0xffff0000)==transvalue2) || ((in&0xffff)==transvalue)) { // one of them transparent, get original in2=read32(origdata); if ((in&0xffff)==transvalue){ // second pixel...
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    Betaplayer - Opensource Video Player For Pocketpc

    that was true for mp3 for a while (until 2001) as long as the player was distributed "non-commercial" (are banners on the download page already 'commercial'?), but that was dropped, too.. in general, the licensing terms can change anytime, so mpeg is just a too great risk to use. the...
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    Betaplayer - Opensource Video Player For Pocketpc

    as usual with divx/xvid/mpeg4: take care that you don't publish binaries if you're in a country where the mpeg stuff is patented (at least USA, though software patents are on the rise in europe, too)
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    Best Instant Messenger

    jabber - extensible (new features being added all the time by various people), open standard and consortium (so no "A - I don't want you to - O - participate on my network - L IM" behaviour), and server side transports to other protocols (icq, aim, msn, yahoo, gadugadu, ...), so only the admin...
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    Exam Results This Week...

    still have to write 4 out of 5 exams.. (the first one came back already, passed).. lots of fun for the next month *sigh*
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    Gp32 As A Joypad?

    build an extended USB cable, that takes power from the usb port and directs it into the AC adapter port ;) oh, and when you're done, please release then schematics :)
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    GP32 Some Work On Gp32 Tools contains some of my inofficial changes to various projects, currently devkitarm and gplink. if you encounter any problems, have some patches around or have some ideas for the TODOs, just tell me thanks
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    Svorbis V0.9a Has Been Released

    btw, what's the decoder in this player based on? there are various "profiles" of the tremor code (which I assume you're using)
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    how many pedophiles that were never identified as such (due to lack of action) are there? and don't you think that every kid that bullies around his class mates is a murder waiting to happen? just get him in jail for the whole 15 years + security arrest afterwards for the good of the society...