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    Worth Getting The Gp2x Now That Mk2 Is Out?

    Ok so as long as i get a recent one, i should be fine? I like people's views on things because then i can constructively use their points to create my own view. When there's hundreds of devices out there, each doing the same thing for different costs, (and the cheapest is not necessarily the...
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    Worth Getting The Gp2x Now That Mk2 Is Out?

    I randomly appear on the boards when i get reminded of the GP2x, and try to find out how it's going. I do want one, (honest!) but at first the whole battery life, screen problems and joystick that doesn't hit diagonals (and has a large dead zone) scared me off. I mean, as i said before, what's...
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    Gp2x Is Highly Overrated,imo

    I'm not getting one until the problems are sorted. I do want a GP2x, but i refuse to buy a new handheld that requires amounts of DIY just to make it do what it's supposed to. Also, the joystick concern. I thought it was the deadzone that was the problem, that moving it small degrees in a...
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    A Few Questions Before I Concidered Buying

    You can have homebrew on 2.01+, but at the moment you need to do it via the game GTA Liberty Stories, and a hacked save file. A small price to pay for portable emulation goodness though.
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    Gp2x Or Psp Help Me Decide Please

    One point no-ones really raised, is do you still need to perform surgery on the GP2x when you get it, in regards to "Fixing" the joystick's deadzone? Also, has the sound been fixed, and the headphones problem? I would seriously point to the GP2x in all aspects, but the idea that i'm going to...
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    Group Game Project

    the "numbers" would work, if the game was set in a "net" or "cyberpunk" style. I just look at the name, and see something like Beneath a Steel Sky, or something like that. Or something like Geometry Wars, but after playing that non stop for a few hours, everything looks like Geometry Wars... =/...
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    Question About Returning

    I don't understand the logic really. Maybe someone who isn't fixated on his GP2x can explain. There are posts saying the stereo sound for this "media player" is mono, as well as switched channels on headphones. Reply? "Turn your headphones around" "It's a handheld it's not supposed to have...
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    Marathon Aleph One / Abuse Possible?

    Got to admit, playing Marathon would be great. I remember playing the demo of Marathon 2 on the PC, and i adored it. Even to the point of getting an old PC working, just to play it recently. Anyone gets Marathon 1 and 2 working properly on the GP2x and i'll be buying the handheld two seconds...
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    Iriver Is Working On A "psp Killer"

    Only three reasonable looking games there, and that's assuming the RPG doesn't fall over like the Lunar DS one did. And wowsers, what's up with the metroid shot. Looks like the DS crashed or something. With the platformers (barring Princess Peach which looks girlish and amusing, enough for me to...
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    Gamemaker On The Gp2x?

    Would be interesting. I'd settle for a PC application that allowed you to make a game, and then download it to the GP2x for testing.
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    Who Has Already Paid?

    I understand that, but you have to allow me to be skeptical. I always thought Ebay was a "sure thing", and then in the past month i've had two or three problems all in a row. Best thing to do, is for me to wait, until it's properly released. I can save the money up for that, and by that time...
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    Who Has Already Paid?

    Just woke up to the Email, went onto the site, saw the goodness, and then... Realised i've got to pay for the device now, and then recieve it a month later. Now, yeah, before people scream "skinflint" and stuff, i know that he'll probably have to raise the money first to buy the units etc, and...
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    Emulated Or Not, What Games Do You Want?

    Syndicate/Syndicate Wars. Oh holy of Holies... my favourate games ever. I'm obtaining a "Legacy machine" just to play those two beauties. I'd love to see a remake though, possibly with a map/mission editor, and possibly even multiplay action too. But that's probably dreams as i dunno if the...
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    Combining Gp2x & Psp

    The PSP isn't all bad. There's a dry-up of games at the moment, the same thing the DS went through. Not long ago, there was a three month void, where there was nothing around for the DS, barring Launch titles. People had to make do with what was at launch, and alot of people sold their DS's...
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    Gp2x Questions - Newb

    Is that gbp price including vat? I thought the price was around £100 ex vat (vat of 17.5%) so £117, give or take. Just checking. I've got preorder of this and the Xbox 360 coming out at the same time, and i earn a megre £50 a week, so i'm saving like... erm... a saver(?) at the moment.
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    N64 On Gp2x ??

    Do you think a Xbox 360 emulator would be possible on the GP2X, A bit of Oblivion or PDZ on the move would be coooooool jk! put the rifles down!
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    Psx Emu

    Waa? Diablo on the GP2x? I'd buy that for a dollar! Or lots. I adore the Diablo series, even though i got sick of the 2nd one, but that was after three solid years of playing, over ten or eleven accounts full of mules/old characters.
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    Off To Korea, Gpx2 Awaits!

    I wanna know too! Those pics were great for all of two seconds, but now, i need more! MORE! *coughs*
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    º-.-º Comparing And Contrasting º-.-º

    Duke 3D, i'd like to see, that's not too bad, but Quake1/3? Nah. Both of those focus on mouse control for looking, and you haven't got any analogue to control that. I guess you could use the dstick for looking, and then increase the look speed, have the four face buttons as WSAD, then one...
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    The Importance Of Snes On Gp2x

    My friend makes up 'legacy machines' to play the old games on, and loves the old PCs. I'm sure he'd be interested if this thing could emu x86.