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    Caanoo Spars

    JSM07011SAQNR CKN10303CT-ND C&K Components SWITCH SLIDE SP3T 4VDC 0.3A SMD 254TA104B50B 254TA104B50B-ND CTS Electrocomponents POT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH
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    Ohboy Caanoo Port

    Thanks that clarified the situation. I really like the improvements in new versions, but I have to use the old, as in new one does not work half of my games.
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    Ohboy Caanoo Port

    In ALL these "unofficial" releases a lot of GBC games works with serious graphics problems that the old version worked fine.
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    Caanoo still dont have good web browser. NetSurf is good opensource multi-platform web browser good looking on a small screen:
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    Adamant Armor Affection Adventure

    пользователи пользователями, а железо тут причем? вроде интересное устройство, только цена великовата.
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    Ohboy Caanoo Port

    And, please, fix compatibility problems i wrote before.
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    Ohboy Caanoo Port

    This and the previous version (starting from version with red text) have graphic bugs in some of the GBC games, such as Shantae, Extreme Ghostbusters, Alice in Wonderland. On old version all games are playable.
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    Ungp 0.4 Summer Preview

    Sonic now works perfect, but his: still not fixed. in "Input options" - "Button Y" is actualy A, and "Button A" is Y
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    Ungp 0.4 Summer Preview

    in options|control setup "A" and "Y" buttons are swaped
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    Drsms V2 Released

    sorry, posted in vrong topic
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    Bioware's Infinity Engine

    Opensource Bioware's Infinity Engine Ported/works on Dingoo!
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    Opensource Ultima Online Opensource Ultima 7 Both olready ported add work on Dingoo!
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    Residual is a cross-platform 3D game interpreter which allows you to play LucasArts' LUA-based 3D adventures: Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island, provided you already have their data files. Residual just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on...
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    Ajack's Menu Bar/icon Collection

    Together with Caanoo PlayAsia provides a memory card with 20 games. Menubars of most of them are designed badly. Could you draw them new good menubars. Here's a list: deicide3 demonsworld flyingshark guardian hellfire redemption (liar) outzone patissier pipi and bibis propis rhythmos slapfight...
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    Gpsp Is Out!

    Drill Dozer don't run. Many games has slowdowns even on 750Mhz, but on Gemei 330 all runs fast, how could it be?
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    Grafx2 2.3

    Can X key be used to show/hide GUI to draw on full screen?
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    File Manager

    I suggest: L and R to switch between folders, Y - to view the file, I - help, Home - exit the program.
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    Moto Gt - can this game be ported on Caanoo?
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    Smallball In Changeland

    can you add g-sensor mode for this game?
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    Prboom.cfg File

    How to bind "home" or "central joistic" keys to something?