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    GamePark Handhelds 2017 Poll

    Doesn't seem much faster (which is what many of the experts back in the day predicted ) - 50fps at 40Mhz, solid 60fps at 66Mhz. I'm pretty sure the stats from the linux version were around the same but I've not checked - I may do that tonight.
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    GamePark Handhelds 2017 Poll

    Finally got a bare metal version (ie no Linux - loads straight from bootloader ) of DrSMS running a few days ago on my F100 - no sound yet as I need to create the driver ( aka ripping off the linux kernel code ) but SD card access is working thanks to the block driver from sdk2x and the fat...
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    A Good Menu Setup

    I'm only aware of GMenu2X
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    Gizmondo Homebrew... Where Should I Look ?   Gizmondo binaries uploaded, have fun
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    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz/Caanoo GCC 4.7.3 Toolchain

    Thanks Hmn, your precompiled toolchain did not work for, I'm assuming it is for 64bit machines.  However your build script worked great and I was able to build my own which appears to work correctly.
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    Aquaventure - New Caanoo Game

    Nice work, very enjoyable and polished.  Thanks for spending the time to create it.
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    Help Needed With Uae4All

    Doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong.. Are your disk images zipped or unzipped? What settings do you currently have enabled? What Caanoo firmware are you running? Have you tried enabling the status line to see if the disks are being read?
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    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

      Retro stuff... outside in the cold.... shame on you
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    Gpsp (Re)Port

    Clock speed option is already there, its under "Cheats and Miscellaneous Options" menu. Good job as usual Mr Notaz.
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    Where Can I Get Reesy's Emus?

    Yes sorry for the confusion, yes the DrPocketSnes releases are older. Those releases were for the gp2x and Gizmondo. For the Dingoo release I started again with the original pocketsnes source since I did not need all of the arm cpu core stuff.
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    Dosbox Caanoo - Working Games

    well I've got the dynamic recompiler going, it was just a case of messing with the configure script a bit. The performance is now better, I can get X-wing running at a usable speed when I turn all the detail down. The controls however are another matter, they are screwed...I'll try and get...
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    Where Can I Get Reesy's Emus?

    Saw your PM. I checked again and I've found the source code for all of the versions..I had shoved them into a folder called temp...I have no idea why :) I'll upload later and put a link here Reesy Edit Uploaded
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    Dosbox Caanoo - Working Games

    Has anyone else noticed that the dynamic cpu core is not enabled on this release? I was running it via telnet when I noticed it did not like the "dynamic" value for cpu core type. So I looked the source code and sure enough I found that the dynamic core was not wonder its so slow...
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    Where Can I Get Reesy's Emus?

    Unfortunately I no longer have the files, I have the source code but none of the old release binaries. Anyway I would recommend using some of the newer emulators as they are much better than my ones anyway See link below for some good ones...
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    Where Can I Get Reesy's Emus?

    Yes not sure what happened to my website on but hey I had it for free for ages so I can't complain. I'll upload the files somewhere and post a link...if I can find the files that is :)
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    K1Gba Trouble

    I do not have a K1GBA but I've been keeping up to date with it. A few messages on the Dingoonity boards might be helpful to you!/msg45545/#msg45545 It seems that some of the original batches have a few problems...
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    Caanoo And Picodrive / Gpfce

    Something else must be going on then, you mentioned you used a new SD card..was this freshly formatted. The fact that you are having problems with 2 separate emulators would suggest your issue is with the SD card. The only other thing I can suggest is to run Picodrive from a telnet session...
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    Caanoo And Picodrive / Gpfce

    from what you describe it sounds like Picodrive is crashing and is leaving the LCD in 16bit mode, the normal caanoo menu runs in 24bit which is why it looks strange when you crash out of Picodrive. As to why the emulator is crashing, I have no idea. Have you tried running uncompressed roms...
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    Help With Uae4All

    kickstart rom should be renamed to kick.rom and placed into the same folder as the uae4all program.
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    To Buy Or Not Buy?

    Emulation on the Caanoo is about the same as the PSP, some things are slightly better on the Caanoo (Genesis) and others better on the PSP (GBA). I would not buy a Caanoo for the Amiga emulation, its okay but not good enough to warrant buying the system for.