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    Gp2x: A Linux-based Gaming And Multimedia Handheld

    Commercial DS developers can only use the ARM9. They are forced to use an ARM7 binary created by Nintendo that handles audio, input, networking, etc to ensure compatibility with the Nintendo WFC. So the 33 MHz ARM7 can't really be taken into account when comparing power.
  2. F - Relaunching Soon To Cover Gp2x

    Don't worry, we will give it a fair review. I have owned a GP32, as has one of the other staff members, so we understand how different it is, but it would be good for our readers to see that the world doesn't only contain Sony or Nintendo handhelds, and the easiest way for them to understand is...
  3. F - Relaunching Soon To Cover Gp2x

    I just thought members here might be interested to know that, a mainstream gaming news site is expanding to cover the GP2X as well. We started off as GBA Central, then DS Central, and now we're relaunching as ByteSized Gaming, and are expanding coverage from just Nintendo...
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    GP32 Gameshark

    And he is impersonating Fanjita, who is one of the best homebrew PSP developers at the moment :rolleyes:
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    Gp32 Shell Color Variants

    I noticed you showing it off on that TV show, just to make us jealous! :P
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    I Just Got Davec's Cap, Review Inside =>

    I'm wondering that too. It seems like half the GP2X owners bought one!
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    Yeti3d Engine Mystery - Reward Offered

    I know the phone number is right, I got it from Google's cached version of one of his pages: Too bad it isn't connected anymore And I already tried with the White Pages online: There are about 5 people named D J Evans (doesn't let...
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    Yeti3d Engine Mystery - Reward Offered

    Here's his Australian phone number: That's the best I could do :) EDIT: In case Derek's number has changed, try contacting Torlus - he helped with the Yeti3D engine (his name is on some of the screenshots): He's also a member of these forums, under the name Torlus. [Private...
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    Evil Dragon On The German Tv

    Thanks to years of listening to Rammstein, I could actually understand most of that even without the translation :)
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    Is There Gp2xs In?

    #1 If you're going to write in English, please try harder. #2 Yes, there are GP2X units in the USA; I have one. The moral of the story: don't mock other people if you can't "do a better job" yourself.
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    Gba Vs. Gp2x

    The GP2X is much, much, MUCH more powerful than the GBA. The GBA has a 16 MHz ARM7, 256 KB total RAM, a 240x160 screen, etc. They really are incomparable.
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    Has Ne 1 Recieved Yet

    The 'Final Fantasy' graphics you speak of was likely just the video of the Final Fantasy trailer playing on a GP2X. Even the Xbox 360 and PS3 would struggle to reach that level. If the GP2X could render like that in realtime, it would cost even more than a top-of-the-line laptop.
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    Anyone Has A Dev Kit?

    I'm up in Auckland. When my GP2X arrives, there will be at least 2 of them in the country :P
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    Sententia - Gp2x Game

    I just thought I should update people on the situation: I'm not sure how soon I will be able to afford a GP2X (university costs a lot!). So don't be surprised if it isn't available as soon as the GP2X is. I'm definitely not wanting donations, though. I don't think too highly of devs who ask...
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    Sententia - Gp2x Game

    I use the Corel Graphics Suite, mainly Corel Photo-Paint.
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    Sententia - Gp2x Game

    I have decided on a name! Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas, but I decided to use 'Torikae'. It is Japanese for 'swap', and I think it sounds quite cool. I have also started redesigning the game:
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    Gp2x Tv Out Question

    I heard that some kind of adapter was needed for TV Out on the GP2X. Are they just talking about a cable? If so, what kind of cable? Is it just a 3.5mm Stereo > 2xRCA cable like some digital cameras use?
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    Evildragons Gp2x Shop, Opens Today, Gp2x 165euro !

    How about shipping to New Zealand? Do any shops?
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    Gp2x Interface

    Well, I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm surprised by the response. I honestly don't like the official one, maybe it's just the OCD in me picking up on some minute issue.
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    Gp2x Interface

    Those aren't the only options, duh :P You use left/right to navigate through different 'orbs'. All of the options included in the original firmware can be included.