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    GP32 Alt Game Suggestions

    Well nothing is getting done like Splinter said so I figured mostly cause people thing my idea is dumb or too far out there(hard to program) So in that case what are easy yet effective games to progam that people would like?
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Hey Splinter know anybody who can organize people i'm no good at it.
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    Tie Break Tennis

    Is Tie food tennis anygood too bad DOA games aren't for GP32 :( Kusami has some cute alt customes best ones are in DOA Ultamate.
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    GP32 Music/meida Progamming

    not true most RPG engines are freeware now adays when i look them up on the net and Midi files as well because the have no lyrics to them so they're freeware automaticly people whanting money for Midi files is wrong they have no vaule. MP3s i can understand it's a dying bread.
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    GP32 Compiling For The Gp32 (vice-pre's email) if people what to talk to him about GP32 project storyline ideas before programming them in.
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    GP32 Music/meida Progamming

    Yeah i guess mods/wavs is alright i guess since the system is stereo sound. pre's email)
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Sure thing Goulty you can join too the more the merrier as they say.
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Well Splinter i like you're stuff(homepage work) i'm hiring you and putting you in charge of charater/media graphics. White Falcon is in charge of music The guy who keeps emailing me is in charge of storyline and we have up to five people working on programming/de-bugging
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    Format Smc

    Well one idea is hookup you're GP32 directly to you're computer then transer the .smc files over to the GP32 and keep them the way they are. Next download the Snes emulator and that should do it. The emulator needs to find .SMC files
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Corel Bryce good place to download art designing software.
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    GP32 Music/meida Progamming

    Midi files This site has some good Midi files we can use for the RPG game feel free to chek them out and suggest urls or upload you're ouwn work until Dec(start date)
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Yeah if we use simple RPG programming tools/music tools plus people download the trial or full version of Adobe CE Suite 6 in one we should get this done in no time. 3D Genisis engine should help rookie programmers with other projects(non GP32 related)
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Alright we can use Gigas Engine if it's recomened for RPG games.
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    Rpg For Gigas It's probably a good idea even though i don't know what the heck Gigas is actully
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    We'd be happy to have you on board Little Jay:) most of us are rookie programmers. Goodnews is we have a main sotry base already and decided it's female charater lead. We just need a name for her and her freinds/enemies. Plotline:The main person(female) lives in a small town out...
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Sure Capsizer i'm happy to let you join my team for the RPG project we start in dec. everybody who's joining needs to download the GP32 software(programming) and keep eachother posted on their progress free to swap codes/ideas/de-bugging tips back and forth if it speeds things up and...
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    GP32 Complex Gp32 Game

    Yeah i was thinking anime chicks mostly for the game becuase most companies are heading that way(female cast lead) instead of male including squaresoft. FFXII has female lead Ashe
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    Dune 2 Gpfw Mod

    Hey feddon whant tojoin my team of programmers in making an RPG game for GP32?
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    I did metion what the project was in a different section of this GP32 area. it's an RPG style game anime/FF/tos rolled into one. so it'll require alot of people,work,skill,and paitens to make plus good ideas
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    Mario Kart With Os9xgp 0.3 Beta

    Try running mario cart with a proper emulator that should fix the bugs.