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  1. J

    Going To List My Wiz On Ebay

    its just set as buy it now
  2. J

    Going To List My Wiz On Ebay

    ok i listed it
  3. J

    Going To List My Wiz On Ebay

    i am going to list my wiz on ebay it has a 16gb real pny card. but i wanted to give any one here 1st chance to put in an offer for it so i do not have to pay listing fees. USA shipping only
  4. J

    Nintendo 64 Emulator?

    if you want a portable n64 just get a ds mario 64 mario cart Diddy Kong Racing
  5. J

    I Am Thinking About Selling My Wiz

    it has a 16gb sd card(real pny one) what would that be worth
  6. J

    Picodrive, Touchscreen Lightgun Support?

    you forgot mad dog
  7. J

    Neogeo Emu On Wiz?

    if you want some metal slug you can also try Metal Slug Advance gor gba seems to run full speed and is fun
  8. J

    Does Street Fighter Iii 3Rd Strike Run In Fba2X?

    Alien vs Predator(use to own cabnet) and Giga Wing(might be impossible to win) are two good cps 2 games mame seems to play both full speed also the Fatal Fury series
  9. J

    Is The Nes Emulator Fullscreen Now ?

    i have a strange thing if i go full screen in nes like part of the right side of the screen is on the left
  10. J

    Neogeo Emu On Wiz?

    why not port it your self? or you could just give dev time and be thankful for what has been done for free. the wiz still runs more then the dingoo or just play shook tropers
  11. J

    Does Street Fighter Iii 3Rd Strike Run In Fba2X?

    you could play alpha 3 or the vs games relly no handheld has good controls for street fighter
  12. J

    Is It Worth Geting?

    I have a wiz and a psp(never use its to big) is it worth geting a dingoo? can it play mario rpg? I like the look of the dingoo
  13. J

    So...i Got Rid Of My Dingoo A-320

    I do not own a dingoo but I think if you install a Dingux it fixs "pressing of buttons at the same time" I do have to say I love the wiz. its strong too I dropped it on a cement floor two times and it did not even scratch it
  14. J

    Shock Troopers

    wow thanks runs full speed
  15. J

    Shock Troopers

    is there any way to get shock troopers to work in mame it has some error about ram i use to play this all the time in school and i would like to try it again thanks
  16. J

    Caanoo / WIZ Could The Wiz Run Quake 3

    the sorce code is out
  17. J

    Gba Bios

    just google gba_bios.bin and put it in the gpsp folder
  18. J

    Near Full Speed Snes Emulation!

    will mario rpg work on this?
  19. J

    When Exiting An Emu In Gmenu2X

    when exiting an emu in gmenu2x wiz it always takes me back to the main menu is there any way to get it to goto gmenu2x also is there any way to get mario rpg to work? thanks