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    Debian 11 can't write underscore symbol "_"

    Your efforts are appreciated it seems it is a tough nut to crack.
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    Release Otto Matic

    Another great port, Keep up the good work.
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    Yes I also tried DBP installer today and get some SD read action then nothing else happens. Have to look at the app data folder. Well Deleted folder re-ran and no Joy. Went back to old version. put SD card in PC and repaired it. still no joy. IDK still looking.
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    How to reset Nubs on Pyra

    command lines for dbp packages sudo /usr/sbin/pyrainputctl enable gamepad sudo /usr/sbin/pyrainputctl disable gamepad sudo /usr/sbin/pyrainputctl enable keypad sudo /usr/sbin/pyrainputctl disable keypad sudo /usr/sbin/pyrainputctl enable mouse sudo /usr/sbin/pyrainputctl disable mouse i found...
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    micro SD and pyra

    reformat to Fat32 did fix issue. Now I do remember issues with other devices needing fat32 but usually they would not work at all if not fat32. so thanks for the info.
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    micro SD and pyra

    i read a message about pulling cover off so have been cautious. checking fat32 now will update after checking...
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    micro SD and pyra

    Well after testing with my Pandora SD card things work. WTH. Theses are good cards a sandisk 128 GB and a PNY 256 GB. will try other adapters but I don't expect it to matter. well I have a card for the internal slot. If I can open it without breaking it... it says pull but it wont open...
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    micro SD and pyra

    I have been having issues running games and emulators off on my Pyra. I have baselined and updated. formatted and reloaded micro SD cards and keep getting solid green LED next to power. I am beginning to wonder if the Pyra not unlike the Pandora hates micros. Made sure the adapter has unlock...
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    Got your Pyra? Write it here for all

    Pyra Forum User: LUD731 Pyra Ordering Number: Pre-preorder 74 Pyra Model: Standard 4GB Pyra Color: Dark Chrome Pyra Date of Arriving: 20 Feb 21
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    It happened... today I received my #74 Pyra after the longest 11 day transit through priority FEDEX (it was scheduled for Monday so I am happy to have the weekend to play). Now the fun begins... where do I put PNDs? just kidding but it is as I knew it would be full of potential. Now to...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I'm in for a 2 gb switch... 4x what the Pandora has..
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    Release Starcraft

    Can the now free Starcraft 1.18 be packaged to work with this port? Or can the file it says are missing just be copied to the StarCraft directory? Been trying to get this working for a while now.... The nostalgia Thanks for your efforts...
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    Release Diablo 2

    searched for an hour to find my LOD disk...  my son had it in a pile of disks on his desk.  Finally got it to run with out the disk after copying music and movies,  Just one word WOW!   Great work!!   Thanks!
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    Release Diablo

    Great work.... play every day but i keep getting stuck at about level 9. Keep getting invalid/corrupt save game. Usual happens when i try to portal to town. Any one seen this. Wondering if it is copy protection but find nothing on it on the web. Thanks again for such a great port..
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    missed it thanks much better now
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Great port,,,  ne issue I've found probably user error...  using right nub to turn and look moves real slow...  any way to speed it up?
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    wifi driver + kernel updated - please test

    Ran update OS and now my desktop is black with no icons...  settings still say it's the default desktop and all still works Via the Pandora button?  just weird.  Anyone know how to recover the desktop?
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    Release Wizznic

    had trouble getting it to work...  until I moved it to the other SD card.   I can't believe I missed the first release.  I used to play some thing just like this in an Amiga games pack for the pocket PC. Great game.   Thanks
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    GamesCom, Shoulderbuttons and Heating

    How about an inner and outer button?
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    Pandora Not Charging

    I'd like to add to this that some USB cables do not work well (at all) for charging the Pandora.  My original charger quit some time ago and plugged into USB and no joy.  As luck would have it at the same time I was having problems with an external USB powered HD.   Found after trying 4 cables...