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    Official Gp32 Vs Other Handheld (zodiac, Etc.)

    Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a Zodiac. Just buy it.
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    Zodiac Doom

    I'm waiting for craig to port. And duke.
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    Gp32flu W/2 128m Smcs 4 Games And Gpcinema $315!!!

    I have lowered the price to: 275$ And i can throw in a SMC reader for 20$ mail me at:
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    Gp32flu W/2 128m Smcs 4 Games And Gpcinema $315!!!

    I'm selling a GP32 FLU with two 128MB SMC's, 4 Games (Kimchi Man, Tomak: Save the world Again, Pinball Dreams and Little Wizard) and GP Cinema. The GP32 can overclock flawlessly to 166MHz. All for the low price of $275(before 315$) And i will ship anywhere in the world. I will also throw in...
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    Try all recovery methods.
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    itunes rock. macs suck
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    *possible* Opensnes News

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    Wma & Mp3 Player Ver 0.37

    i kinda like those fonts when theyre small like that
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    WILL there ever be one? ^^
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    its scary huh :P
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    What Type Of Driving Game Do You Prefer?

    ON ROAD. also could you make user made levels with your own sprites?
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    Grand Theft Auto

    Somebody could remake it... i would if i could code. Ill do the gfx if you like
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    Headphone Jack

    damaged jack on THE headphones? try putting it in a CD player and listen... otherwise damaged jack on the GP. Try your warranty.
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    Bust-a-move Clone

    lol i was just about to make this topic
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    Top 5 Things On Ur Smc

    1. Bomberman 2. AZCAT! 3. GPDoom 4. GPCine 5. LJGP
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    Gbax Compo

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    Remote Shutdown?

    Start > Run > shutdown -m \\machinename
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    Not Really Competition For The Gp32...

    holy. fucking. shit.
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    Psp V Gp32

    Not even that.