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    Picodrive On A Mobile Phone!

    axeman, yes i got mine in the store. link are brokers so you can fight for a better deal than with vodaphone etc... this was in march, they got minimum commission from me as they only 'signed me onto a tariff' - and as mentioned.. i havent used the phone to speak to anyone heh heh dont know if...
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    Picodrive On A Mobile Phone!

    i got it in Link on o2 network... havent made an outgoing call, havent paid zip..
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    Picodrive On A Mobile Phone!

    lol more ngage bashing the thing kicks butt and is free lol i still dont see peoples problem with it if only the GP32 had something as good as Fifa or The Sims or Tomb Raider or or or lets do a quick gp vs ngage sound - gp stereo, ngage stereo screen size / resolution - gp wins by a mile...
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    Gp32 Frodo C64 Project - Can You Help?

    Gamebase 64 website Every game you are looking for is there You can test quickly by using the gamebase database with the gamebase frontend. PC Frodo can be configured (on the PC) to play the games. If it doesnt work on the PC.. unlikely on the GP. It at least saves time, bear in mind you will...
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    Sensible Soccer

    i'm playing the sms version so which other version also works ? genesis/megadrive - seems to crash ? / doesnt load amiga - no chance is there an st version ?
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    The Dig

    this is not too big to be playable read my stuff here : the video files are not needed for the game and they are only cutscenes, no big deal. the speech would be nice but there is still sound it's the single biggest working game on the...
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    Ngage Emu?

    good stuff on the ngage would be fifa (superb), the sims, tony hawk, pandemonium, super monkey ball, mlb slam.... oh and ashen is tasty.. splinter cell aint bad.... shit stuff would be marcel desailly soccer, virtua tennis, moto gp another good thing is the ngage also plays all the top end...
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    excellent - nice one !
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    New Design For My Site. :)

    drumaster i really think falken was joking then he just kept teasing maybe his english is better than yours, which isnt fair - but was funny nonetheless :) chill out man - we love your work and yes we believe you did all yours yourself
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    crikey i agree with rico - completely - now there's a shocker i dont think he has said anything out of order he may be referring to mame - now come on, the spain meet - how long ago was that now ? and the mention of ghostsngoblins or ghoulsnghosts running on it was way back... i agree, it's...
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    So... How Many Has Parent Who Owns A Gp32?

    my son is 1 so he only really looks at the cartoons/films i have on the gp... that said, i reckon he'll get there - the little sod is a bugger for 'hiding' remote controls and tampering with the phone... so he seems to like his techie stuff... his mum is queen of tetris and sonic - kicks my...
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    Modded Xboxes

    it kicks, you wont regret it as Efompor (?) says... it's all about having it on the tv... with the sound through your living room speakers.. etc.. mame ! for goodness sake, just buy the 2.3blite chip as mentioned - it does take time but you can't beat outrun on the tv.. no not really.. well...
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    New N-gage

    are we not forgetting that we are all gamers here ? the games on the n-gage beat the shit out of the gp32 ones... sad but true you can't ignore it... postage stamp.. it's fine.. as with anything worthwhile, just takes some time getting used to... i got mine for £75 pay as you go - and i use...
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    an absolute shite thread congrats cheeseman on the most gay topic i've seen here so far getting a hardon over a desktop is a tad sad lads....
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    spend money on an arcade stick ? madness.. buy an x-box chip it and use x-box controllers metal slug on the tv with xbox controllers - just - fucking - brilliant
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    Retro Gamer Cd

    yeah i'd buy it.. was going to.. handy for the tv in my garage.. as for ebay - i only buy things second hand which are obsolete, which this ain't. ebay is a fag, american dealers, slow and expensive postage - exactly the reason i'm also subscribing to the mag, will get it first and hassle-free
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    N-gage Emulation?

    what are you playing ? an n-gage game on a gp ? btw - the ngage is awesome. it's the best phone. and the xbox is the best console. and the gp32 is the best handheld. and i have them all - sweet :)
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    Retro Gamer Cd

    maybe the german edition should come with a free slice of bread anyway - great mag. subscribe and get a free £25 namco so the mag ends up costing about £12 for 6 issues.. nice
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    Garfield Comic Viewer

    this is cool all this talk of manga - if there should be an easy peasy way of aligning scans page 1 forward back etc... then this would be cool for a) asterix B) viz i'll sort em if there's a tool ! cheers
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    Is Zodiac Killing The Gp32?

    can it play movies ?