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    Sprites With Minlib

    That's could be because pixels are mapped in a diferent way on the GP32 and on the GP2X. GP32: pixel 0,0 is located on the left bottom corner. GP2X: pixel 0,0 is located on the left-top corner.
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    Recommendations For Program/technique

    Try this one: SUPER
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    GP32 Visual Studio Express 2005

    Look at this tutorial on my web page: Tutorial 2 Choose .NET option. I have tryed it with VC++ .NET 2003 Beta and it worked. I suppose it will also work with Express 2005
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    GP32 Compilers Recognition

    Actually to compile correctly my OKF Font Engine yoy must use this compiler option in GCC: -mstructure-size-boundary=8 That means that all structures in the programa are 8 bit packed. That's not the best way. So I have found the in source compiler options (__attribute__ ((__packed__)) for GCC...
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    Just Got My Gp32 And I Can't Load Anything...

    I suspect that the SMC that doesn't work is formatted incorrectly. You could try Slubman's firware, the one you can execute without flashing the firware. There is a format utility that can be used. Just don't forget to swap the SMCs before formatting. Then from your PC, don't forget to copy...
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    GP32 Sdl And C++

    *You can* code in c++ with the oficial SDK if you want right now. Here you can find the SDKs for GCC and for VC++6.
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    GP32 I'd Like To Start Programming For The Gp32...

    At my website you can find all you need to code with the official SDK, ARM and Windows (via VC++ 6) versions. You will even find tutorials on how to setup the SDKs, an example to test the installation, and some libraries that can be useful. Oankali.
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    Clicks For Devs - October

    Oh, you forgotten to mention my 3 games Puzzle Mix, Animings & Pyramids! <_< Never mind, at least one person has voted for me :P
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    GP2X Color Scheme In Gp2x?

    You can find them here:
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    GP2X Color Scheme In Gp2x?

    So now it's a true 16bit mode with 64K colors like 16bit mode in Windows. Well, that means less graphic conversions between PC programs and GP2X programs. But it's a problem for me as my font compression algorithm was optimized to 15bit (5:5:5) colors. that means that my font can be at most...
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    GP2X Color Scheme In Gp2x?

    I was just wondering if the color scheme of the GP2X is the same as on the GP32. I mean, if it's still a 16 bits colors, with 5 bits for each component and an intensity bit. I want to port my OKF Font Engine to SDL and need this info to optimize the rendering. I hope squidge or any other with...
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    Contacting Developers...

    You could try to contact Alain Fernandes. It seems to like coding on any hardware. Look at his résumé here, it's impressive.
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    GP32 Using Visual Studio(intellisense)

    You can also code with the oficial SDK that has Windows implementation of the libraries, specially designed for VC++ 6. You can find a tutorial to setup the SDK here: Oankali.
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    Contacting Developers...

    I was thinking exactly the same :lol:
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    GP32 Not Drawing All Of Image

    The delay shouldn't be a problem. Are you sure you are drawing on the hidden frame buffer? Btw, we use to swap screens a the end of the loop, but that's not very important.
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    GP32 New Gp32 Dev'er Needs Help/advice

    The Windows GP32 console needs a virtual SMC to start properly. Some GP32 programs needs external files as bitmaps or sounds that are usually located in the gp:\gpmm\<program_name> folder in the SMC. When you program under Windows you don't have a SMC so this type of programs need a Virtual SMC...
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    GP32 New Gp32 Dev'er Needs Help/advice

    Of course you can, that's why I always suggest to use the official SDK if you want to code with VC++. That way you have full access to the debugger of VC++, and in my oponion is one of the most valuable things. Even simple sounds works int the Windows SDK. All my projects are coded with VC++...
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    C++ For Officials Sdks (arm & Windows)

    I've updated the 16 bits C++ test program an now it's not just the same test program with just new makefiles, It's really a C++ program with a real class. My first C++ class completly coded only by me :). Not a complicated class, but I'm happy anyway :). Oankali.
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    Manicminer-type Games.

    Manic Miner is a platform game, **THE** ZX Spectrum platform game. B) Not at all a "Miner" type game. Oankali.
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    C++ For Officials Sdks (arm & Windows)

    Well it seems that all is working correctly. Thanks to Una-i, Mr.Spiv and the others. Now you can now code for the official SDK in C++ for ARM with GCC or Windows with VC++6. I haven’t tried with .NET but it should work. You’ll find all you need on my...