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    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    its a shame its not doing so good and i can see valid reasons why, but since i bought one at christmas i can honestly say ive played it everyday since. i have a ps plus subscription and the content they deliver every month is amazing (uncharted, gravity rush, mortal kombat, wipeout 2048...

    Given up my pandora dream, shall I get a Galaxy S2 or Xperia Play?

    I had a play for ten months but decided to sell up (on ebay right now in fact). its great for emulation but the touch pad things are dreadful and some of the newer android games dont run that well due to the hardware being a bit older. Get an S2 a ps3 pad and an otg usb lead.

    Anybody Else With An Xperia Play?

    i bought one back in october when the price dropped severely, i paid £179 sim free from amazon. i have to say its the best phone ive ever had, native games are good on it (gta III is amazing if a bit laggy) and emulation is excellent, especially ps1. only downside for me is build quality is a...

    E3 - 2011

    thats the reason i liked it

    E3 - 2011

    really impressed with what nintendo had to show, wii u and the future 3ds releases looked amazing

    Psp 1001 Or The Gp2X Wiz?

    i sold my psp1000 with cfw ages ago, im looking at getting a psp3000 that cant read umd's, obviously its cheap and i only want it for homebrew. can anyone tell me if its easy to softmod any model of psp at whatever firmware? and do you still need a umd present to run backups or...

    Xperia Play

    Outdated hardware or not, id still love one, too expensive for me though just now

    Gears Of War 3 Beta Code If Anyone Wants It?

    Hi, ive just been sent another code for gears of war 3 online beta, its only on now till 15th may and everyone i know already has one, so if anyone wants it let me know, obviously first to ask can have it edit: codes now been taken so no longer available, thanks!

    Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

    The conspiracy theorists are saying something a bit different....
  10. CUPC4KES

    Xperia Play

    as youve discovered and as the previous post says, older sim cards dont support 3g. your phone should automatically connect to the 3g network when the signal is available, and only drop on to the gsm (2g) signal when not available. if your pay as you go you need to ask your operator to send you...
  11. CUPC4KES

    For Sale Or Swap Supercard One And Supercard Mini Sd

    Hi, ive just sold both my broken ds's so i have a supercard one with 2gb card and a supercard mini sd with 1gb card (great in a gba micro) and super key for either sale (open to offers) or i'll trade for anythin interesting (360/ps3/3ds game offers ok) game/tech/gadget related, im in england so...
  12. CUPC4KES

    Just Tried Out The 3Ds

    I to promised myself i wasnt going to buy one at launch but i couldnt help it. I have the 3d slider up full for everything but pilotwings, i have to knock it down to about 25%. on full its as if my eyes wont focus properly, not a nice feeling...
  13. CUPC4KES

    Retro-Gaming Poll

    i chose less than ten, other than pokemon mini pinball in the kitchen drawer (dunno why its even there i never had a pokemon mini thing to play it on)i sold all my stuff over the last few years, i only have my dingoo for retro stuff, i dont have much spare time anymore, 2 kids, work etc etc
  14. CUPC4KES

    The "is Craigix A Reptilian Thread?"

    From what i was told to believe the reptilian race came to earth in ancient times and were believed to be 'gods', they then mated with the earth women creating a reptilian hybrid, then as these hybrids were seen as the children of the gods they were put into positions of power, ie the royal...
  15. CUPC4KES

    How Many Have Moved To Smartphones?

    Ive recently took out a contract with a HTC 7 Trophy with the windows phone operating system with xbox live integration, its a great device, games are great on it if a bit expensive but some of the higher profile titles have acheivments that when you unlock them, they add to your gamerscore...
  16. CUPC4KES

    Problems With Goldeneye 007 On Wii :(

    am i right understanding now that if ive updated to the newest homebrew channel i can go ahead and perform a system update????
  17. CUPC4KES

    Psphone Is Real!

    im really hoping for an n-gage style setup where as your able to buy the unit sim free, unlocked, for a reasonable ammount of money, id say £249 is a good price point, would fly off the shelves.
  18. CUPC4KES

    Open Source Console Released In 2009 Beginning With P....

    i was in the pub tonight with some mates and we ending up playing the quiz machine for money, the game was called all clued up, a crossword type affair. the subject to win the highest points was a mystery round, so we went for it, when the crossword and clues came up it was based on computers...
  19. CUPC4KES

    R.b Is Back To Fight

    This really is gettin boring now
  20. CUPC4KES

    Psfreedom Ported To Work With Dingoo

    this might sound like a stupid question, but when changing my 80gb hdd for a 500gb hdd, am i going to be able to keep my current firmware? after looking about for info on this i get the idea that unless i can find 3.41 firmware somwhere online then the only option is to download the official...