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  1. thelamer

    Pictures From The Gph Booth At The Ifa 2007

    Videos of those in action please! :)
  2. thelamer

    Pictures From The Gph Booth At The Ifa 2007

    Is that a working model?
  3. thelamer

    Rott Gp2x V0.2 (rise Of The Triad)

    Love this release works perfectly. Wondering why you dont include the music files in the release though ?
  4. thelamer

    Digg The Cradle

  5. thelamer

    Clone 4 - The Gp2x Comedy Halfhour Podcast

    Wow I feel slightly dumber. And yes you have way to much time on your hands. Anything for the GP2X gets a thumbs up in my book though. :D
  6. thelamer

    [gpsp] Exophase Has Done It Again! Incredible!

    Has anyone offered to pitch in and help out with the menu system? Reesy's would be a nice addition ;)
  7. thelamer

    Quake2x Wiimote

    So you need a usb adapter and a bluetooth dongle and drivers yo make tyhis work?
  8. thelamer

    [gba] Public Release Of Gpsp2x! Dynarec'd And All!

    Great emu! Can't wait for a new menu system.
  9. thelamer

    Gamepark Files Bankruptcy

    I think this just proves that a small homebrew based handheld is possible while a small commercial unit is not. You are suicidal to try and take on companies like Sony and Nintendo without multiple divisions and the kind of capital they have.
  10. thelamer

    Gamepark Files Bankruptcy

    Translated From Some Korean Site From Wikipedia So
  11. thelamer

    Tux Strikes Back

    Why not just combine supertux in the archive?? Makes it easier for noobs to download and play.
  12. thelamer

    Gp2x Thunder Power Pack (new 3600mah Battery)

    From Google translation from site This thing looks awesome who doesn't want this sticking out of their GP2X??
  13. thelamer

    How To Make Gmenu2x Default To A List

    Ok well I guess booting to a list is out of the question. How about just creating a custom list? Anyone know the format for that? Or if it is possible?
  14. thelamer

    How To Make Gmenu2x Default To A List

    Yeah but by using the list feature you display every file in the directory. Even with alias list a lot of clones for mame and cps2 are useless to show becasue you can't launch them. I wish Ryo would release a custom build of gmenu2x for this so we could stop using crappy selector programs and...
  15. thelamer

    Firmware 3.0.0 Released

    The upgrade section of the firmware takes forever as stated in the readme. It will chill at a black screen for about 3-5 minutes. Which when your GP2X is flashing it feels like forever.
  16. thelamer

    Firmware 3.0.0 Released

    I like the new UI. Looks like you gotta make new skins again though :) Games on nand: FloboPuyo Noiz2sa (good call) Payback Demo Supertux Vektar Just recorded bootup and clocked it at 20 seconds. Feels a lot longer to me.
  17. thelamer

    How To Make Gmenu2x Default To A List

    OK, I know how to make directory lists with images. What I am wondering is if you can use Gmenu2x as a menu frontend for an emulator. So it would launch and the default screen would be the list screen and not the standard menu. Secondly I would like to know if I can customize what is...
  18. thelamer

    An Interesting Hack

    Stuff like this should be on the front page. So how can this get on the front page ?
  19. thelamer

    How To Make Gmenu2x Default To A List

    I was wondering if when Gmenu2x started up it was possible to have it display a list by default. You know to make a selector for an emulator. Not really sure what to edit for that. And I have been playing with gmenu and know how to make lists from all the zips in a directory. But how can I...
  20. thelamer

    New Usa Gp2x Shop -

    190+ Shipping :( I would say most people should stick with Play Asia and get some free candy at 170.