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    [SOLD] Collection of retro-handhelds

    EDIT: Sold to @lorin000 Hello, I'm selling a collection of retro-handhelds at roughly half the price: - Odroid GO. - White RS97. - LDK landscape, I've removed the screen protection but I will provide a tempered glass that fits perfectly. - 2x New Bittboy. All the items are in perfect...
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    [SOLD] GPD XD PLUS - Perfect Condition - International Shipping

    Hello, I'm selling my GPD XD+ (PLUS / the new 2018 model). In perfect condition, and sold with all the official things that comes with it in the original package. $199 including international shipping from France - with a tracking number. PayPal only accepted. I've previously sold a Pandora...
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    [SOLD] GPD Win1 - Perfect Condition - International Shipping

    Hello, I'm selling my GPD Win1 as I now have the Win2. First IGG edition, in perfect condition, working great - never had any issues with it. Sold with all the official things that comes with it in the original package. $224 including international shipping from France - with a tracking...
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    [For Sale] Nintendo 3DS with the Katsukity video out hardware mod!

    Hello, I'm selling a red Nintendo 3DS in perfect condition, complete in it's box, with the video out hardware modification Katsukity - usually sold around 400 euros (they're not available anymore to purchase) that allows to output the 3DS image and sound to a PC using an USB cable, which is...
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    [SOLD] Pandora GHZ Edition - Perfect Condition - International Shipping

    Hello, I sell: Open Pandora Ghz Edition (stable at 1.2 Ghz) in perfect condition sold in it's box including all the official accessories + Two 32 GB SanDisk Extreme SD cards. $299 including international shipping. PayPal only accepted. Thanks. [EDIT] Sold.
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    Gaming results on the new Intel Bay Trail

    Hi eveyone :) I've received my new Intel Bay Trail based tablet (x86) : The Dell Venue 8 Pro. Running Windows 8.1 Pro (Desktop). 8" at 1280x800px, 2 GB RAM, 1.33 GHZ quad core, less than 395 grams, around 250 euros ! I like it very much so far, the UI works smootly, I've made a little...
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    [WANTED] iControlPad with the clamp set

    Hello, I'm looking for an iControlPad with the clamp set (the side long plastic things), I don't need the universal holder or the rubber sides, please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
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    Is there any gamepads made for 7 / 8 " tablets ?

    Hi, I'm thinking in getting a Dell Venue 8 Pro (a 8" x86 tablet running Windows 8.1 desktop) that should be powerfull enough for some retro gaming (up to the dreamcast I suppose, maybe some PS2 games), but the main problem for gaming is that it is a simple tablet without gaming controls or even...
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    My first game ready ^^

    Tired of making apps (Android), I decided to make what I always dreamed to : A real video game :D Night Riders is a 3D motorbike racing game inspired by 80's arcade classics. It features a custum 3D engine which looks great in HD ;) You can try it for free on Google Play ...
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    Pandora Japanese translation in Pandora emulators ?

    Hi everyone ;) I've been playing with my Viliv N5 x86 Windows XP pocket PC these days, and wanted to talk about a great feature that works for native windows games, and some emulators like the NEC PC98 : Real-time translation of the japanese texts in-game. The principe is quite simple, use a...
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    Android App Debuging via USB ?

    Hello, I'm working on an Android app on my PC, and wanted to use the USB debugging feature of the Android SDK by connecting the Pandora to my PC via the Micro USB port, but it seems the Pandora is not detected at all... Is there a way to make this work ? If not, any chance you could add it...
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    How about a next gen Atom for the Pandora 2 ?

    I don't know if it was suggested before, but how about using a next gen x86 Intel Atom for the next Pandora ? The Atom processors are evolving, in 2013 for instance there will be new CPUs at 22 nm, and I suppose we could get the equivalent in performances to a Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHZ, which...
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    Overclock capabilities, and a few more questions...

    Hi :) What are the overclock capabilities of the new 1 GHZ units : - Maximum frequency you can have with a little chance (1.4 ghz ? *.* ), for instance the original Pandora was stable at 1 GHZ for some lucky owners (like me :P ) - General frequency that most units can do ? Most of the...
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    a few questions about Dosbox EX v8

    Hi, I've been using Dosbox EX 8 and I'm loving it so far, but I'm having 2 issues : - Is there a way to swap CDs ? In games like Phantasmagoria... - Is there a way to remap controls ? In Lands of Lore 1, the navigations controls are the numpad keys (9 for turning right, ect.), is there a...