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    Another Competition!

    Woah, that's a lot of cash up for grabs!
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    Should I Port To Wiz?

    I'd buy it. If anything, you can offer the game both on your site and FunGP. FunGP would probably get more traffic, but for people who don't want to use it, they can just buy it from you directly (as long as there isn't some rule against doing this).
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    Propis & Deicide 3 Sd Game Pack

    Great, that worked, thanks! Is it possible to move the games to another SD card? I know they have DRM so probably not, but it would be a lot more conveinent for me to not have to swap SD cards when I want to play different games.
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    Propis & Deicide 3 Sd Game Pack

    Good set of games, but it seems like the aspect ratio for the arcade games is messed up? The top and bottom are cut off, so it makes playing the vertical shooters more difficult than normal. Also, how do you get the games to show up in the "Wiz Games" list? I have to use the launcher.
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    New Additions To The Prboom Wad Collection

    Thanks for uploading the pack! It's very conveinent!
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    New Firmware (V. 1.2.0) Out Now!

    Huh, apparently constantly recalibrating the touch screen fixes the problems with it, go figure.
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    Official Firmware V1.2.1 Released

    The update seems to have messed up my touchscreen something fierce. It was kind of busted before but workable, after the update it's almost useless. It only registers at the top-middle of the screen, regardless of where I touch it. Tried to recalibrate but that did nothing. Both Wind and...
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    Gamepark Vm-100 - The "other" Gp2X Wiz :o)

    Well, at least this should put down our fears about GP rushing a system out too soon and making the Wiz obsolete. This VM is for a completely different audience and shouldn't bring any competition to the Wiz.
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    Propis Hit The Shelves

    Ah, I guess that makes sense. I think I'll just wait for 1.2.0 proper to play this.
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    Propis Hit The Shelves

    I'm still on the default 1.0.0
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    Propis Hit The Shelves

    Didn't work, I unzipped the file and put it to the root directory of Propis. When I start the game it still has the rotated screen, I also tried running the install file but it didn't seem to do anything.
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    Propis Hit The Shelves

    Has anyone had problems with the Propis demo? When I try to run it, it's rotated incorrectly on my screen and completely unplayable! Wonder if this retail release has English language options...
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    No Fungp .. No Shocker There

    I wonder what's taking so long for the official games to be released. I know they're waiting for the FunGP to launch and making a functional site takes time, but apparently some of the games have been finished. I know the guy who's making Kaiten Patisserie, he actually finished the game a long...
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    Temper And Cd Games

    1441kbps/16 bit rate/44khz. The music files play fine in a computer, seems to be no difference from the games that do work. I uploaded them anyway in case something is odd about them.
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    Temper And Cd Games

    Not sure what kind of rip it uses, but it's affected a few games that have different file structures. Here's an example of two of them: Exact same problem on both of these games, they boot up and play the company logo with any associated song, but crash right afterwards.
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    Temper And Cd Games

    Recently, I've been trying to play some PC Engine CD games using Temper. I've gotten a few of them to work, but a lot of them will show the company logo and then go to a black screen when the actual game content should appear. I can access the Temper menu for a few seconds after that happens...
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    No Fungp .. No Shocker There

    I found this on NewsWeeZ: In summary, the launch of FunGP portal is delayed until next year for various problems and also the release of commercial games on SD card is postponed. The new schedule of the latter will be known in early December, while for FunGP they’ll be: FunGP Developer...
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    Rate Of Wiz Defectiveness?

    Mine is fine except for a messed up touchscreen, doesn't work right along the edges.
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    Pocketsnes 6.5.0 Prerelease Hd Video

    Woah, are these running at the default 533?
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    Gp2X Wiz "tower Defense" Coding Competition

    Where can we download the games?