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  1. banjeed

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    Might I ask what settings you're using? MHz/plugins? I'm having some issues with it quitting to desktop randomly. Also, I wanted to ask if you're getting strange glitches like the pointer being black instead of white and wait times between scenes.
  2. banjeed

    Lost art

    It's to scale. Some might remember a time a while back ED posted a stripped down version of the cad file used to make the pandora. It was promptly taken down, but a few of us grabbed it. I loaded it into a Carvewright machine (computer controlled drill) and let it work. Those machines either...
  3. banjeed

    Lost art

    I know this isn't anything in terms of a real topic. Just stumbled upon something I was working on in the woodshop before I got my unit.
  4. banjeed


    I have to say, this was an app I was very excited for until I put it to use. I have tonnes of trouble getting a steady connection to my NAS (SMB share) through XBMC, but I did get it to sort of play a very low rez movie once. It as more like the program churned for a while, spit out the first...
  5. banjeed

    Figured we needed another review :)

    Good memory. Its been ages since those old gp32x threads. And yes, i contributed that 3d wallpaper. While I still like the idea of a quick and painless startup anim, i seemed to have been shot down on the idea on numerous accounts. To me it'd be as simple as replacing the startup loading bar...
  6. banjeed

    Figured we needed another review :)

    Thanks Prometheus! That was quick on both accounts.
  7. banjeed

    Figured we needed another review :)

    I know I know, it's been done to death, but what the hell, why not. I'd like to start by saying this is really for the people still waiting. You've got a bit of a pickle on your hands..I know, I've been there too. I've had my unit for a few weeks now and I must say I'm insanely impressed...
  8. banjeed

    Suggestions for the front page

    Please don't. The dithering would be a bad as my avatar.
  9. banjeed

    XBMC4XBMC Remote,

    I remember controlling my mod-box through a web interface back when I was using it. Might look into turning on the web server interface on your setup. I can't remember how I did it back then.
  10. banjeed

    Pandora PCB psst!!cpZZ1QQtppZZ36
  11. banjeed

    Nintendo 3DS
  12. banjeed

    Pandorapress needs writers!

    I've got nothing to add aside from the fact that I check everything...every day...about 15 times a day. Shut up! I can stop any time I want! *frantically itches arms*
  13. banjeed

    Two Months™ 1e Batch? :)

  14. banjeed

    I'll have my Pandora!

    Dying to here your keyboard review...*ducks behind desk*
  15. banjeed

    Manic Digger (Minecraft clone)

    You're helping something in the world here. Keep up the great work! And you're right, I should not have said the words in your quote marks.
  16. banjeed

    Manic Digger (Minecraft clone)

    Seriously, if you read this board Notch, we'd all like to see this become a reality. As we've found, you do own a pandora. Many of us have payed for your alpha (now beta). I understand server costs but you're looking at millions. I understand not wanting to open source it,.. Iunderstand why its...
  17. banjeed

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    The burden was the reminder. Not the file size.
  18. banjeed

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    There's a folder I've been keeping on my home computer which contained files I was planning on transferring to my would be Pandora's SD card. It contained game rips, .wads, movies, music, a few programs... Today I decided to delete the folder. What was once such a fun side-prep project now...
  19. banjeed

    Ultimate Stunts: Is it possible?

    How likely are you to have a good day today?
  20. banjeed

    Month of birth?