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    Flu W/trimmings

    bumped for last day of auction. thanks for looking.
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    Flu W/trimmings

    FLU e-bay auction. After quite some time spent with my gp32, I am in need of money for food. So it is being sold. No reserve, and it comes with all sorts of stuff already on the SMC and on a CD I've made packed full of things. Thanks for checking it out if you do. Oh yes. It clocks to 166 as well.
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    New Legal Nes Roms

    haven't had a chance to try these yet, but i'm about to.
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    do a little looking around next time.
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    ogg is an opensource file format, so no worries about things being allowed. that said i've been looking for a free converter without spy/adware, but haven't had much luck.
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    so let's not get our hopes up about it coming out tomorrow. though it'd be nice of course.
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    VNS Engine

    .jpg support for backgrounds would do wonders for file size. not for sprites, of course, because any artifacting would mess up transparency. mp3 for sfx and/or music would be great as well, but that's probably a bit much.
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    Great to hear a date. And hopefully we won't lose yoyo to the zodiac, even if he gets one.
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    Pal/NTSC general game question???

    I could be wrong here, but I think 50hz refresh rate is different than 50fps. I think it's how many times the screen refreshes itself, not how many frames per second the actual game is putting out. Even if it's not, the difference between 50fps and 60fps probably isn't discernible by the human...
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    Well, it's been said, but......YAY!!
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    king's quest

    nope. scummvm is at the moment for SCUMM engine Lucasarts games, the only exceptions being (I believe) BASS and Simon the Sorcerer.
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    The fact that "the mouse doesn't work" or something like that makes me doubt pretty strongly that it's SNES or Genesis.
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    Monkey Island

    Your local computer software store.
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    My Zodiac1 for your GP32

    I've got euro firmware, and GP cinema, and about a gig of video I've encoded for the GP32. And tons of emulators and games already installed. Hmmm...I am going to have to get a real job soon. Maybe I should get something that doesn't look like a GBA. I'm officially very interested. E-mail...
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    My Zodiac1 for your GP32

    I've got a gp32 w/ a "wetsuit" case. It's a FLU I overclock to 166 on a regular basis with no probs. One 128 mb SMC, an SMC reader, and 4 rechargable AAs with charger. Not saying I'd trade for sure, but I am interested. Like all new systems, the Z is a risky investment. But's the...
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    New emus

    Yeah, I was under the impression rlyeh's stuff was getting released, but apparently this was completely misguided. Maybe sticky this thread for a bit? I guess someone on the forums somewhere assumed they'd be released and we all went along with it.
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    SNESEmu Savegames

    Well, I don't really know for sure what makes overclocking fail. I've heard it has something to do with ram quality, but I can't imagine anyone knows for sure. So you might as well try different speeds just in case. No one knows if overclocking damages your gp32 in any way. For a while there...
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    SNESEmu Savegames

    You'll probably want to try all clockspeed variations you can, and make sure your batteries are fresh.
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    SNESEmu Savegames

    I've been using the default button mapping.
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    SNESEmu Savegames

    Snesemu doesn't support saves, and probably never will because Zardoz has moved on to other things. I play CT all the time on the 166 mhz version of Snes9xgp, I think frameskip 3.