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  1. Sugarfix

    The sad future of gaming - Ipod Touch!

    Well, I've seen the other extreme too. My niece opened every present, laid them silently in a pile with no reaction whatsoever. Not even a thank you. She needed a slap too.
  2. Sugarfix

    The sad future of gaming - Ipod Touch!

    Yeah, I'm firmly in the "slap him" camp. (null)
  3. Sugarfix

    USB Arcade Joysticks - Anyone got any recommendations?

    Thanks for the recommendations and links. I've decided to go for the 360 version of Street Fighter Round 2 Tournament Edition as it appears to plug and play with W7, contains the better components and we'd on special offer at The hut for less than £100. The MRP is £150 and most places are...
  4. Sugarfix

    USB Arcade Joysticks - Anyone got any recommendations?

    So I was given some cash for Christmas (Santa obviously realised I'd been extra good this year) and I think I'd like to buy a decent quality arcade stick. I'm thinking of USB as I'd use it mostly on my PC, but if could also use it on my PS3 or my 360, all the better. Anyone got one? Anyone...
  5. Sugarfix

    What a day! (2011-12-14)

    It's incredibly saddening to hear a story of someone I didn't know, but could have quite easily chatted to at some point in the future. It's also saddening to know that it's not just the British press who, when writing a story, go for the lowest common denominator. This is the reason I don't...
  6. Sugarfix

    FUSE emulator...annoying sound

    An elephant never forgets! It's not like Mr Merrick can do anything about his face, but he could at least put a comb through his hair! Likewise, we can't do anything about the original sound on a game played on a computer produced in 1982, but surely we can do something about not making it...
  7. Sugarfix

    Paper Pandora PNG

    Ah, true, but I've got a Continuous Ink System so I don't feel the pain of new cartridges any more. :)
  8. Sugarfix

    Paper Pandora PNG

    You can do better than that! It's not even black! AND there are no letters on the keys! ...amateur. :P
  9. Sugarfix

    FUSE emulator...annoying sound

    Christmas day with a Spectrum only means one thing to me: A new book full of BASIC programs to type in!
  10. Sugarfix

    A coding competition

    The voting mechanism should be coded to only allow voting from a Pandora and should require your serial number. :)
  11. Sugarfix

    Next pandora (competition model)

    Regarding video output, hows about using a Mini Display Port? There are converters to output to Composite, VGA, DVI or HDMI. Surely something like that would be best as it provides the most flexible options for everyone to choose what suits them best. Also, I think having R2/L2 buttons could...
  12. Sugarfix

    Release Pandora elite - Beta

    Maybe you could put a few steps in between Deadly & Elite to give people some incentive to keep going. My suggestions are Deadlier and E-lite
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  14. Sugarfix

    Release Portile

    Yeah! Bloody Coca Cola ruining it's reputation! *grrrr*
  15. Sugarfix

    XBox Live account hacked

    I do have a PSN account and I do play *some* EA games (Burnout Paradise mainly) but my PSN account has a separate email address to my Xbox Live account and neither of them are my regular email account. I fail to see what more I could have done to ensure my account was secure.
  16. Sugarfix

    XBox Live account hacked

    That's exactly what I told them today! If you text me to reset my password, why not do the same to recover my gamertag?
  17. Sugarfix

    XBox Live account hacked

    Quite so. I pointed out to the MS rep on the phone that they could just look at my account, see that I've never played Fifa 12 (or any Fifa game) on my Console ID (they needed my console serial number and the console ID) and simply refund the money to my bank account and my missing MS points...
  18. Sugarfix

    XBox Live account hacked

    I thought I'd warn people of what's just happened to me... Like many people here, I own a multitude of consoles the PS3 and the 360 amongst them. I'm sure anyone who owns a PS3 and went through the panic over whether their credit card details were compromised during the great Sony Hacking...
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    This may already have been posted and I'm in no way attempting to plagiarise the work of the Late Great Ian Dury as my own. :) Profoundly in Love with Pandora :wub: My mother's heart and soul Have gone halfway up the pole My...
  20. Sugarfix

    3 Year Anniversary

    That's where my money lies.