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    So Ware Are The [insert Console Here] Emu?

    Oh my friend, the emulators are in the works, I am sure. :D Just give the coders time, things are not instant, and they aren't getting paid either. And as for NES and SNES, you might want to check here > gp2x File Archive.
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    Email Received

    Yay, I got my e-mail just minutes ago. Too bad it will probably take the full 12 days to get here living on the west coast of the US. I ordered mine back in the beginning of Septemer. Can't wait for it to get here. :D
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    Running Halflife In Windowed Mode

    Well, if you're running either Steam or original Half-Life you should be able to run Half-Life at 320x240 in software mode. I don't think you can in hardware. Should just be under the video settings. EDIT And I think in Steam there should be an option for windowed mode under the video settings...
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    Aquafish's Multi Firmware V5 !!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm having problems getting the boot.gif to display in the right colors. Everytime I try one it comes out in all the wrong colors, like if you jump into 8-bit color in Windows. :huh: EDIT Or PSP8 could just be gimp. Got it working.
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    What No Gp32!!!

    That's is absolutely insane. Absurd that the starting bid is $100,000 US.
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    Gpcard Casino V1.1

    Linkage to the authors website.
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    Yoyo, Z - He's Been Busy!

    Yeah, I wish the price of the Zodiac wasn't so obscene. I mean $300 for a handheld system? $400 for the 128mb version? Jeeze...
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    Gp Automatically Launches Gpcinema

    Probably going to have to reformat the SMC, or get a card reader. Sounds like. EDIT Unless there is some way to boot normally using some key with Aquefirmware.
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    Adding New Roms To Little John

    In order to refresh your roms in Little John, press select while in the browse mode, a menu should come up with options such as, Synchronize browser cache, Analyze roms, etc. Hope that helps. B)
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    Can The Gp32 Get Viruses And Trojans?

    No. :P Unless they designed some software that was made to erase your firmware, or format your SMC, it can't get much worse than that.
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    Flash (swf) Player For Gp32?

    Far as I know there are no flash players for the gp32_console . One reason might be because that Flash is copyrighted by Macromedia and another reason might be that it takes some hefty hardware to play flash movies sometimes; atleast it seems that way to me.
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    New Update...

    Looking pretty good. I have to say though, I'm not a fan of the star background.
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    Zodiac To Retail In Compusas Nationwide

    Here ya go. Not too happy about reading this from the news/post... Very untrue. <_< gp32_console would be one of the first, if not THE first.
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    Gp32 Flu Brightness Control!

    Very nice. You also have the same mouse & mouse pad as me. :P
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    Kill Bill

    Bleh, nevermind. Forget what I said ^ above ^. Finally got it downloaded, just took half an hour on DSL.
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    When Does Gbax Get Their Sample Gp32?

    I would seem to have the idea that a backlit unit would consume far more power than an ordinary gp32_console, so overclocking it would just suck. Wouldn't get very good battery life at all. I'm might be/probably wrong though.
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    Kill Bill

    If anyone happens to get a hold of this, is there anyway that you could host it. I'm having trouble getting all of it and nobody is hosting it on EDonkey. :D Pretty pretty please! :D ...and I'm far too lazy to make an account on the forum from which this information originated, so I could...
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    GP32 Shadowcaster

    Moby Game's Info on Shadowcaster :P
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    How About A .pdf Reader For Gp Will There Be 1

    Perhaps, maybe port something like this? Multivalent Browser. I don't know if anyone is working on anything right now though, but ya never know. EDIT Or this? qpdf2.
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    Clean Up Members

    I'd have to agree with you. Why bother wasting the time signing up for something if you don't even use it? Let somebody else have the user name or just free up the space. Some people I just don't understand. :rolleyes: