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  1. J

    Windows 8 Developer Preview On Pandora

    With a big enough swap it should work... slowly. Still a fun experiment to try and a nice thing to show off :)
  2. J

    Web Gmail Doesn´t Work With Firefox 6

    Looks like it simply runs out of memory. Unsurprisingly, since Firefox is rather heavy on memory and the Pandora doesn't have a lot of it. Have you tried gmail in plain HTML mode? I guess you can't easily switch though when the page won't even load partially...
  3. J

    Release Skylark

    Is this a Castlevania clone? Looks a lot like one. Not to say that's a bad thing, Castlevania is awesome :) Especially the screenshot where he's entering the castle reminds me of Castlevania.
  4. J

    Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    If you decide to make a Pandora 1.5 I want to upgrade my second batch order. A faster GPU would really help in Mupen64Plus.
  5. J

    Adobe Flash 10.2 For Cortex A8 Linux Download?

    Last year's version MD5: 9daf1c8c214ba9317d0aa3111ab9b51c This one: 267bfdb38d14c9d96d0d04e273c3d961 So not the same version :)
  6. J

    Stuart Ashen Reviews The Pandora!

    SWEET, I love Ashens! I'm subscribed to him but haven't checked YouTube the past couple of days so I didn't notice the video.
  7. J

    Cave Story Pnd

    Fourthed (?) Surprised anyone hadn't thought of that yet actually.
  8. J

    Beta Audiorace 1.5

    Ah, sweet. All my music is in MP3, so I hope you release a update soon.
  9. J

    Got My Replacement Pandora, A Couple Of Issues

    The 6 button gets so thoroughly stuck when I press it there must be some extra gunk on it or something. The D-Pad I don't know, lifting it I can't see anything but the rubber thing it's stuck to (which I assume will make it hard to get at any excess plastic that might be there...) I don't feel...
  10. J

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    PCSX-Rearmed seems crashy for me, both FF7 and Gauntlet Legends freeze after a couple minutes, I asked around and it seems FF7 is working fine for other people. Is .Z compression support buggy or something? All my isos are .Z compressed, so that could be it. edit: Or is it a PAL version...
  11. J

    Got My Replacement Pandora, A Couple Of Issues

    I had to send in my Pandora two months (TM) ago because it got the dreaded blue tint, and I finally got my replacement today. But, off the bat, there are 2 hardware issues: 1. the 6 button gets stuck every time I press it and I have to peel it back up with a fingernail. 2. The D-Pad Right isn't...
  12. J

    Beta Zelda ... Kind Of

    Bumped by request of sebt3 to post this tidbit of information :) To get the Zelda PNDs to use the patches installed by the timidity installer PND, copy /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg to the appdata directory.
  13. J

    Beta Pndbuilder

    Try: Type icon.png >> your.pnd Otherwise it overwrites the pnd contents with the png data instead of appending it.
  14. J

    Even Though Pandora Has A Generation Of Old Hardware

    I've tried psx4droid on my 1ghz archos 70, and psx4pandora is fullspeed at 800mhz compared to 40 fps at 1ghz on the tablet, so it is indeed very fast for the specs compared to other devices, might have something to do with Angstrom being much lighter than Android (likely), but regardless CPU...
  15. J

    Arimail Shipping Is Dangerous?

    I would use UPS. Royal Mail are notoriously slow, and I recall reading something on these boards about them being unreliable. I think the $25 shipping option is unregistered, but I would go UPS anyway, $25 for receiving the Pandora a few days sooner is so worth it :)
  16. J

    Pandora As A Piracy Device

    I concur. I hope this whole "piracy device" thing gets sorted out, it's no different than a laptop.
  17. J

    Beta Monkey Bubble

    Looks like Puzzle Bobble with monkeys :)
  18. J

    Lxde Install Improvement And Youtube Vid

    I might give this a go once I get my Pandora back from repair. XFCE isn't quite responsive enough at 500mhz, and Thunar is annoyingly unstable.
  19. J

    Cheap Class 10 16Gb Cards At

    Their Transcend 16GB Class 10 cards are on christmas sale: Here for £29.99 As well as this waterproof/shockproof 8GB one (about the same speed): Here for £17.89 Just saw the email from them and thought people would be interested :)
  20. J

    Beta Java Pnd

    Interesting, wonder how well this runs. Will be giving it a try once my Pandora returns from repair.