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    Pandora Rebirth Edition for Sale (SOLD!)

    Is it still available? I'm in the UK, but happy to pay shipping.
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    Psp Emulation

    While there is an emulator being developed, don't hold your breath for commercial games! AFAIK the PC has yet to emulate commercial PSP games to a playable degree, so the Pandora is a looong way off.
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    So What's Up With The Launch Party?

    London is fairly quick and easy to get to on the train. That said, wasn't there discussion of doing something in Bristol (also easy by train). That's nice and close by for me.
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    Is It Time For A New Emulation Sub Forum?

    I second this motion.
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    Got My Email!

    Are people still getting emails? Or can I stop wearing out my f5 key checking my email?
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    Anyone Interested In 1St Batch?

    1750/2=875 If I get really bored, I might see if I can adjust that model to take into account the fact that some Pandoras have already shipped/are currently shipping.
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    Got My Email!

    Clean3d: What time did you get your original order confirmation email?
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    Ran Out Of Boards?

    I doubt they'd be assembling if the failure ratio was as high as 50%
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    Got My Email!

    Ordered at 1653 on 30Sep08, still no email, and I think it'll be a close call if my email comes today. It's probably a good thing if mines delayed until next week though, as I should be revising for finals this week.
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    Where Did You Hear About Pandora?

    Bought a gp2x in summer 2008, heard about the Pandora shortly after. Joined the forums a few months later, and I've been here ever since.
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    Anyone Interested In 1St Batch?

    That's a 56.25% chance that a given order is behind him in the queue, and therefore your order will be bumped by him cancelling. If, however, you were to buy his Pandora (which I will assume to be the same as taking his place in the queue, for simplicity), then the probability of receiving your...
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    Anyone Interested In 1St Batch?

    90% of statistics are made up on the spot.
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    Anyone Interested In 1St Batch?

    55! Don't know what I'll do with a second Pandora, but I'm sure I'll find a use... On a serious note, why not just cancel your order and get a refund? Would be a lot easier.
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    Questions About Pandora

    If it's a SNES emulator you're after, there's a port of snes9x.
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    Any word on how easy it is to upgrade from the included Android 1.5 to something more recent?
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    Nds Emulator Running On N900

    But how do you arrange the screens?
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    For Those Who Have Received Their Pandora 2

    Those that have received their Pandora2's, can you confirm that the time travel function is working? Also, how's the PS3 emulator? I heard the dev units were getting 80fps.
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    For Those Who Have Received Their Pandora

    Isn't it *possible* to make one from scratch? I recall reading on the wiki a while back that the necessary info to do so would be published.
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    Adobe Flash

    Snaaaake Snaaaake ooh it's a Snaaaake!
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    Adobe Flash

    Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM