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    Unique Serial On Each Unit?

    You could also use something like the MAC address or Bluetooth ID as SD cards can and will be removed. There are ways of spoofing these, but depending upon your needs it could be a good solution. If you need something more complex you could always use combinations of identifiers and your own...
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    Repository Or Manual Downloads?

    Getting together a user friendly app dowloader/installer and a cli package manager would be high priorities for me. Anything to make the user experience better and help ensure solid compatibility and a 'known' set of libraries etc to work against is A Good Thing™.
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    Will Pandora Be Able To Run Debian?

    Thanks for the info. I'm an old Zaurus user who fondly remembers OpenZaurus (I still use my 5000D but more rarely these days) and had assumed that getting OE/Angstrom going wouldn't be too much of a pain and generally the easiest way to get various things up and running. So you're using...
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    Automatic Arm Compiler?

    There's no 'automatic' process although for simple apps cross-compiling is usually pretty straightforward. It all comes down to dependencies and any compiler oddities (endian issues are still a common problem). So if you've got your arm compiler sorted and easy access to the necessary libraries...
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    Pre-ordering concerns

    Everyone gets it wrong because they don't understand very basic maths. Sad really. If one apple costs £199 including VAT at 17.5%. How much do you pay if you are expempt from VAT? - A : 199 * 0.825 = £164.18 - B : 199/1.175 = £169.36 - C : 199 - (2*17.5) = £165
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    Pre-ordering concerns

    I'd imagine it will depend upon what currency you order in/which distributor you order from. To make things simple I can't see the distributors getting caught up in exchange rates and such, they'll just have set proces in each of their currencies as outlined on the front page. Then, when you...
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    If You Could Change The Pre-order Date, When Would It Be?

    And we ensure more (possibly unnecessary) hassle for those making and distributing the thing and more confusion and questions over the 'lottery' system. As the old adage goes, Keep It Simple Stupid.
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    The point is that this sort of thing generally depends upon the circumstances and there are potential pitfalls (SD removal or failure being the most severe, performance issues being the most common). This is why I say it's not wise or likely to provide this option to those who don't know what...
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    Pre-ordering concerns

    I think people's main concern over pre-orders is that they want to get their hands on the hardware. A few points. - Pre-ordering isn't really going to make this happen any sooner. The hardware will be ready when it's ready. - Getting in on the first batch will mean you are likely one of the...
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    I'm not sure if splitting the swap across two SD cards would increase performance, possibly quite the opposite. If anyone wants to setup their swap on a single SD card this should be trivial to do in the usual ways. But it's probably not the sort of option you'd want to make readily available...
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    Anything is possible! There are LVM GUI's out there, but I'm not sure how easily they'd be ported across. There could well be something more Pandora-centric hacked together by someone, it really depends upon the interest in doing this (if someone wants to put the time into doing so). I...
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    Although true RAID setups may not really be worth it, some may want to combine their SD cards into one contiguous volume using similar methods available via LVM although there are obviously disadvantages.
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    If You Could Change The Pre-order Date, When Would It Be?

    No I wouldn't change the pre-order date, as it would not make the slightest bit of difference to anything. If the pre-order date was moved forward it wouldn't mean anyone would get anything any sooner, nor would it stop the threads (they'd just be replaced with 'when is it going to ship'...
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    Well, other sites aren't the official home of the Pandora :) It's pretty clear on the main page and this has been the price for some time. Interesting to see where/who is expecting to charge a markup on this though. Have you got any links?
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    Porting Tutorial

    Thanks for the link, I'd completely forgotten about Green Tea Press.
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    Pandora Porting An Old Dreamcast Game To The Pandora

    I think I've followed the same detective work you did Gruso and I'd agree. I'd put my money on Fur Fighters. I'd guess that there are still too many rights issues tied up with MSR and release of anything with the Kudos system. Lets hope this internet stalking hasn't dissuaded TheGoodDoktor.. or...
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    What's The First Thing You'll Do With Your Pandora?

    Civ - Should be able to get FreeCiv up and running. Proprietary Codecs - Could be tricky for some, there can be issues relating to the architecture (this being ARM rather than x86) and OS (a Linux derivative) which mean this may not be possible. That said most common audio/video codecs...
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    [poll] Will You Preorder?

    I'm very tempted to pre-order. That said I'm still keen to see/hear more about the package (in terms of core OS, UI, SDK, etc) and see the finished product. I may have already preordered on impluse, but as time has gone on I'm leaning more to a wait and see' approach. Hopefully there shouldn't...
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    Porting Tutorial

    Yeah, I started with BASIC but don't use it at all these days. Python on the other had is hugely flexible and even if you don't end up writing games, using PyGame or moving onto other programming languages it will stand you in good stead and prove a useful skill.