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  1. thewitcherman3

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    legendary axe 1&2 turbografx.
  2. thewitcherman3

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I want a Pyra and cannot stop thinking about it. It has so much potential. If I could be certain of getting one before x-mas then I would gladly preorder. Sorry just venting.
  3. thewitcherman3

    Wanting a Pyra so bad!!!

    Wanting a Pyra so bad!!!
  4. thewitcherman3

    Future of production past preorders

    i would love to buy/preorder one and get it before xmas, is this possible?
  5. thewitcherman3

    Slugs Be Gone!

    what about platinum foil?
  6. thewitcherman3

    Predictions of emulators.

    It was not my intent to spam. Very rude of you to imply such.  My friend was right. That is to say this is a very clandestine, snobbish and somewhat cruel forum. Type something from the heart and you get ridiculed even made fun of with pictures and comments.  Goodbye to this forum forever.  ...
  7. thewitcherman3

    Predictions of emulators.

    So in other words I must do research and backlog to have a question or opinion answered in my post because someone else discussed it?
  8. thewitcherman3

    Predictions of emulators.

    I am aware that it was a surprise to many when the Pandora console was able to emulate NDS and PSP as well as it did/does.  Now that the PYRA is in the making I was wondering about the emulators that the Pandora cannot emulate or not emulate well. For that matter I do not think there are many...
  9. thewitcherman3

    [SALE]GHz Limited Edition Pandora

    Very nice looking one. I am impressed.  Thank you for this.
  10. thewitcherman3

    Questions about Pyra

    I understand that the PYRA is not mainly a gaming console. But I would like to know what the PYRA will do gaming wise that the Pandora can not?
  11. thewitcherman3

    Questions about Pyra

    will the sd card be set up like the pandoras' ??