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  1. purple_goat

    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    wow!! EvilDragon posting in a troll thread.. I know things are quiet now!   I don't understand what's so wrong about the iCP 2 thing. I haven't been following it but Craig always seemed to pull through before..
  2. purple_goat

    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    I mean OP does kind of have a point. I don't have a pandora so I can't attest, but it seems like the pandora  never found it's sweet spot time-wise as the gp2x did.   I know I would have bought one if it had.
  3. purple_goat - Future

    I'm partial to something gp32/gp2x/pandora based, also something short. openhandhelds sounds fringe. I'm also happy to help with logo/graphics/etc. I'm not sure if anyone remember my icon pack but I promise I've come a long way since then.
  4. purple_goat

    Anybody Know

    looks legit for knock off stuff, would buy a psp case, but not the psp itself.
  5. purple_goat

    I Guess.....

    WIN!!! GET!!!
  6. purple_goat

    New Video From Mweston

    so many brix.
  7. purple_goat

    omg gp32x = facebook?

    omg gp32x = facebook?
  8. purple_goat

    omg gp32x = facebook?

    omg gp32x = facebook?
  9. purple_goat

    Dingoo As An Mp3?

    Hay, I'm in need of something fun to tide me over as well as a new MP3 player, Dingoo seems like a good option. How's the quality on mp3s? If I have a FLAC with monitoring quality headphones will I be getting full audio quality? Thanks! EDIT: Topic should have read "Dingoo as an MP3 player?"...
  10. purple_goat

    Palm Tungsten Owners?

    hell yes it's the best $25 gadget ever. what the fuck. how'd you manage that? also, I had a m130, I loved the shit out of it. those things are magic! enjoy it :D
  11. purple_goat

    Wiz's Screen Is Shot!

    :lol: I had the same problem with my gp2x, man that was forever ago
  12. purple_goat

    Nss Engine, Gui & Stylesheet Video!

    looks very nice :D
  13. purple_goat

    Moar Paint Art / Boycotting Big Art Softwares.

    damn makes me want to open Paint and draw, maybe I will :wacko: EDIT: ok, opened up Paint, contributing: don't be too rough, not my style (nor a style I have ever drawn in before) and I haven't drawn anything on a computer for a way too long, just wanted to say Mr. Gonzo is inspiring and...
  14. purple_goat

    Bob''s Game

    I'd buy a boxed copy on Pandora.
  15. purple_goat

    Fan-made Pandora Renders

    Fuck. Great job!
  16. purple_goat

    Does The Psp Have Any Games?

    OHSHITIFORGOT like sataniC Virus said, Ridge Racer it's fucking great.
  17. purple_goat

    Does The Psp Have Any Games?

    Final Fantasy Crisis Core Def Jam Fight for NY N+ I like the Pursuit Force games God of War was ok Chilli Con Carnage Crush (really cool) Lumines I've played too many to be able to remember them all First too are must plays tho IMO
  18. purple_goat

    Wibrain B1m Umpc

    :lol: I think the mods unbanned him to troll with us