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  1. Audi

    Buy My Wiz

    sorry guys sold this arvo for $100 with out the sd card was in mint condition. thx for the replies. Please delete this thread.
  2. Audi

    Buy My Wiz

    come on guys make an offer
  3. Audi

    Buy My Wiz

    Hi, I'm selling onE of my wiz to go towards a new radio control car. The wiz in mint nick, comes with a full 16gb sandisk card. Still in original box with cable, etc. I'm in Perth western Australia and Am after 150$ aud plus postage. Pm me if you keen
  4. Audi

    Buy A Wiz In Australia?

    But it's already soldisn't it :P
  5. Audi

    Buy A Wiz In Australia?

    Hi, dunno why I'm thinking of selling. I don't play it that much, however after 5 mins play I'm lovin it. Don't think I will sell tho. Did that dude say he was gonna buy yours? Then disapear?
  6. Audi

    Buy A Wiz In Australia?

    I'm in peth and thinking about selling mine with a 16gb sd card loaded. Pm me if you keen. I'm in subiaco.
  7. Audi

    Getting Cps2 To Work...

    Pretty sure if you read the read me it tells you what to do. Think that's how I got this awesome system working.
  8. Audi

    Amiga And The Wiz

    Bmx simulator
  9. Audi

    Win Uae Amiga Emulator

    Gee it's not that hard pm me and I'll email you the files.
  10. Audi

    Advice On What To Buy

    Pandora what? That thing is taking so long it's a joke! Live for the moment!!
  11. Audi

    Web Browser

    Good Luck
  12. Audi

    Random Thoughts After Buying Wiz

    Glad you like it, but note the UAE emulator does support multiple disks. :)
  13. Audi

    Gp2X Wiz Firmware

    haha, Mr Han your the man.
  14. Audi

    Sd Card Wich Brand And Size?

    Why bother with an sd card at all trentg? Wouldn't your gba roms you wanted to play fit on the on board memory? I do agree that there are alot of games that ppl wont play on their cards. But rather than pick through and choose the games you might play from each system is it not easier to just...
  15. Audi

    Sd Card Wich Brand And Size?

    trentg a couple of gig ain't enough. varan77 just for emulation 8-16gb should fine.
  16. Audi

    Can We Have Boulder Dash?

    tbh i like it without the background :) so you guys don't rate any of the emerald mine adfs?
  17. Audi

    Anyone Selling Ready To Run Sd Cards?

    thanks for clearing that up Dad :)
  18. Audi

    Wiz Feedback

    yea, I must say I have no problem with moves in street fighter 2
  19. Audi

    Video Contest / Game Coding Contest

    I heard rats were already starting to jump ship.
  20. Audi

    Emulating On The Wiz Gp2X Extreme Help!

    pretty sure you need a bios file for both of these. certain you do for gba. google it. its like andoperating systemfor you gba emulation.