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  1. Eolair

    Win 3.1 via DOSBox at native resolution

    Please, do that! I love playing Stars! :)
  2. Eolair

    Development Bounties

    I only have one suggestion Amiga AGA emulation
  3. Eolair

    Where Did You Hear About Pandora?

    Been here since before the beginning. It's been a loooong ride.
  4. Eolair

    Offical Congrats To Op Team Thread

    I've been lurking while waiting for this day ;)
  5. Eolair

    Offical Congrats To Op Team Thread

    Congrats guys. Be proud. You finally did it.
  6. Eolair

    We Have Cases Folks

    If he's desperate he could always try UltraSurf.
  7. Eolair

    Do You Like This Sort Of Wargame? (Turn Based..)

    I have to bump this because I love old school, turn based space strategy games, aka Armada 2525, Stars!, Masters of Orion, Space Empires, Imperial Conflict (The last one which is web based is very similar to your idea). If you do this I'll be a huge fan and I'll definately play it :)
  8. Eolair

    Spoke To The Factory

    A real relief. Gratz to the OP team.
  9. Eolair

    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    As far as I can see the sample case hasn't been put through a finishing process in a vibrator/thumbler. That would certainly remove any scratches and rough edges. As for the rest, I think everyone needs to calm down and wait until we have more info.
  10. Eolair

    Wohoo I'm On The List !

    Welcome on board. Your games look amazing :)
  11. Eolair

    Call To All Swedish!

    Umeå, Norrland...sorry guys, even Stockholm is just a bit too far :)
  12. Eolair

    Agapito: A New Game

    This would be a hit for sure. I love the retro look. Please port it. I want to play it on Pandora :)
  13. Eolair

    Musical Stings

    Hey! It's Tim Wright! Amiga! Psygnosis! Lemmings! Get this guy onboard plz. Somehwere, somehow. The OS startup sound would be awesome :)
  14. Eolair

    Are Some Of The First 105 Still Going To The Press?

    Unfortunately it's bit of bad timing to generate press at this time. The Pandora is already sold out and won't be available again for at least 4-5 months. On the other hand the wait has just been too long and they need to show now that the Pandora isn't vaporware.
  15. Eolair

    Who Likes Old School Wargames?

    I've been taking a break from actively posting, but I'm still watching the board and waiting like everyone else. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut when I saw this topic. I'm nuts for turned based war games :) Some more games worthy of mention: 1. Armada2525 2. Warlords 3. Stars! 4. Strategic...
  16. Eolair

    Who Likes Old School Wargames?

    Empire Deluxe, Civilization, CivNet... I absolutely loved those games. If you made something similar for Pandora it would be great :) Make it relatively simple. Turn based, big world map, terrain, cities and exploring... would be a huge hit... at least with me ;)
  17. Eolair

    The Road To Hd...

    My vote goes to HDMI or DisplayPort (clicked on HDMI because that's what my TV supports)
  18. Eolair

    Get Hando A Drink!

  19. Eolair

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    I'd just like to throw in my support for this forum. I'm staying here no matter what. Hopefully the added admins will fix the broken stuff soon. I think Chip's "we are moving announcement" was a mistake. But he's done a good job modding this forum so give him a break. Go Hando! Good to...
  20. Eolair

    Pandora Tincs - Multiplayer Shooter For Pandora (video)

    I don't see anything wrong with closed source as long as the developer is still active. People who want open source should go code something themselves ;)