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  1. Nuron_V

    Pandora Should Move To Android

    It should be an option but not the Primary OS. I don't really see what you would gain exactly from making a forced transition over to Android, I like the OS but I don't really think it suits the device. From an end user point of view the joy of the current OS is that it acts like a desktop. I...
  2. Nuron_V

    Loose Battery Cover

    Even with the battery removed the clips click don't seem tight. The cover will pop off if I brush my hand against the side if it. With the battery fitted the weight of the battery itself sat on the cover is enough to make it come off 8 out of 10 times it pick the Pandora up. There doesn't...
  3. Nuron_V

    Loose Battery Cover

    Sadly I am pushing the clips firmly, they make a "thum" sound rather than a click like it isn't clipping in to the notch. The clips themselves have been like this since I received the it, the first time I put it in the case it came out with the cover off. Compared to tsh's picture mine did look...
  4. Nuron_V

    Loose Battery Cover

    Hello Does anyone else have a problem with their battery cover being extremely loose? The battery clips don't seem to fully latch in to place, its more like they are just providing a resistance. It isn't really an issue while I'm holding the unit however if I put it down it is usually enough...
  5. Nuron_V

    Google Wave

    Chromium doesn't appear to work for Wave or even gmail , in fact I've noticed i seem to get Error 107: EER_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR for any https content Adora on the other hand does work with Wave and gmail
  6. Nuron_V

    The Youtube Video Thread!

    Checking how well my shoulder buttons work on SNES Starfox Do a barrel roll!
  7. Nuron_V

    Pandora Order Queue Number

    I just got my email of awesomeness! There you have a time frame to work from. 14:36 has been shipped
  8. Nuron_V

    Pandora Order Queue Number

    Generally I wouldn't bother asking for the queue number as it doesn't really mean much. Lets say your number 400 Do you know how many they have dispatched already? Do you know how many they are making per day? Do you know roughly when your queue position will be reached? Does knowing you are...
  9. Nuron_V

    Got My Email!

    Hmm this Pandora package looked to thin and flexible :)
  10. Nuron_V

    I Have Been Gone For 7 Days

    But it was quickly established that she wasn't single :)
  11. Nuron_V

    I Have Been Gone For 7 Days

    I seem to be under the impression that all there are more Pandora being shipped out early next week but no one seems to know exactly what is going on. The only thing we do know for certain is that ED got back home ok :)
  12. Nuron_V

    I Have Been Gone For 7 Days

    This is the Pandora project, it didn't quite go to plan :)
  13. Nuron_V

    Hi-Res Pandora Product Pictures

    Great Pictures, if it wasn't for the small marks here and there i would have just thought they were renders
  14. Nuron_V

    Got My Pandora. First Impressions.

    Congratulations I expect what you said about it being very surreal after all this time will probably happen to everyone, I'm very much looking forward to it. Out of interest how well was Star Fox running and more given the paint related sticky shoulder buttons how well can you "do a barrel roll!"?
  15. Nuron_V

    Got My Email!

    Still waiting for my email , I'd like to thank the arseholes who sent me 15 spam mails this afternoon for crushing my spirit
  16. Nuron_V

    Wooohoooo! I Got My Pandora!

    Another note for the people still waiting, I had my order confirmation at 14:26:06 UTC and haven't had "the email" yet. The Tension is building
  17. Nuron_V

    Where Did You Hear About Pandora?

    Here, GP2X First Edition Owner
  18. Nuron_V

    The Faces Behind The Pandora

    I used to have 2 in my kitchen, one for neogeo and one for CPS2/3. They are certainly good conversation starters.
  19. Nuron_V

    Nub Issue.

    No what I mean it works like any other warranty, if you use it as normal and don't mod it then you will get a standard warranty. However if make your own additions or changes to the hardware it isn't how it rolled out of the factory. I suppose its like buying a new car, you can open up the...
  20. Nuron_V

    Nub Issue.

    The gist I'm getting is that if you are comfortable trying to fix an issue then you are OK to do so for the time being at least while they are busy. If you are uncomfortable with trying the repair and don't mind loosing the Pandora for a while then you are welcome to send it back. If you open up...