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  1. Gusarapo

    Librem 5 phone by Purism

    I would buy one PyraPhone for sure. Since I found out the GTA04 existed I always wanted to have one and get rid of the Android phones that I always use. One GTA15/PyraPhone without keyboard but with its case and everything else would be the perfect phone for me. I do not think there will be a...
  2. Gusarapo

    The Youtube Video Thread!

    Nice videos all of them!!!! Someone uploaded a video of Pandora playing a movie with subtitles using VLC?
  3. Gusarapo

    Zodttd Out With A New Video

    Thanks Gruso!
  4. Gusarapo

    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    Using WiFi with my laptop I never got 350KB/s -> 7,5Mb/s I guess, my laptop is broken as well.
  5. Gusarapo

    Video : Post-Unboxing First Turn-On

    Nice video!!! :-)
  6. Gusarapo

    I Got It!

  7. Gusarapo

    Anyone Get There Tracking/shipping Email Yet?

    Hey!!! We are still some guys from gp32spain waiting patiently for our Pandora (but we are not the most of them) I knew this project because I read 2 years ago about it in gp32spain. Really, nowadays I am not writing in gp32spain a lot because there, if you write about the Pandora you are...
  8. Gusarapo

    Gruso's Blog Slashdotted

    I was wondering why I could not read the unofficial forum... That is it!!!
  9. Gusarapo

    Look Who Flew The Nest!

    LECKER!!!! :D I can not wait for me sweet Pandora. Well... I can wait. XD
  10. Gusarapo

    I Got Shipping Confirmation Too!

    I am going to need a lot of videos about Pandora in order not to get very very jealous.     Congratulations mates!!!!
  11. Gusarapo

    Pandora Delivery

    :D I did the same. Let's rock!!!!!
  12. Gusarapo

    Pandora Delivery

  13. Gusarapo

    12 Packages, 207Kg.

    I will cross my fingers, toes, legs and all my body. XDDDDDD
  14. Gusarapo

    Power Consumption

    Yea, and that is what I understood reading the EvilDragon's post. :) You have a 600MHz processor but they are shipping it underclocked and you could overclock to 600MHz+ (I don't know how much from 600MHz) or underclock it. Cya
  15. Gusarapo

    Is The Pandora Vaporware?

    It is not the same time in China than in United Kingdom. :P
  16. Gusarapo

    Power Consumption

    It makes sense for me. Nowadays I own a desktop with 3GHz processor but usually it is running underclocked. Cya
  17. Gusarapo

    100 Hand Painted Special Edition Pandoras

    It is a very good idea. I would like to get one of these awesome units.
  18. Gusarapo

    Power Consumption

    The Pandi looks every day better. :-)
  19. Gusarapo

    Fellow Pre-Orderers: Reveal Yourselves

    Sorry about the offtopic but... OMG I want a DeLorean!!!!!
  20. Gusarapo

    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    We should wait for what MWeston has to say about this issue but anyway I am very happy with the in-Wifi or with the nice Dongle.