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  1. classicgmr

    Gp2x Is On Ebay

    GP2X with AC adapter, 2GB SD card, TV out cable and carrying case now on eBay: eBay Link I don't use it anymore and Pandora has all my hopes up. :) U.S. and Canada shipping only. Sorry. :unsure:
  2. classicgmr

    Pipes Won't Run - Anyone Have It Working?

    I am trying to get Pipes 2.0 running on my GP2X but I am having no luck. This is the first homebrew that I haven't been able to load at all. I placed the archive in the mnt/sd/games/pipes/ directory and set GMenu2X to run it. It wouldn't run. I then tried it outside of GMenu2X. No good. I tried...
  3. classicgmr


    Let's try this again sans trolls... We're waaaaaaiting Ms. FluffyUK.... :P Berzerk2X on my SD card = :wub:
  4. classicgmr


    We're waaaaaaiting Ms. FluffyUK.... ;)
  5. classicgmr

    Mat Mania And Mania Challenge

    I love these games. When I go to Funspot in New Hampshire on my vacation I spend a good hour in front of the Mania Challenge arcade game. I asked this in the 3.4 release topic but it got mixed in with everything(and this is where I should ask anyway). :) Latest releases 3.4 and 3.5 are the...
  6. classicgmr

    Vectrex Emulation?

    I tried a search on the boards using "Vectrex Emulation" and "Vectrex" and got 5 pages of results which do not seem to be what I am looking for. I also double-checked the emulation section of the file archives for the GP2X. If this has come up before I apologize. :) Has anyone done or attempted...
  7. classicgmr

    I Could Use Some Suggestions

    My son decided he didn't want a GP2X for his birthday so I sold it. It was working fine when it left here. The person that received it sent me this today: I received it yesterday. Turned it on and it freezes at the green loading screen. Also, the power switch is loose and blurs the screen when...
  8. classicgmr

    Sata Hdd Issue

    Most of you here possess a ton more knowledge than I do so I was hoping you could help me out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Link removed.* This is really driving me up the wall. I'm no computer idiot but I cannot get this working. I...
  9. classicgmr

    I Was Staring At My Psp This Morning...

    So as I was stating... I woke up this morning and in that post-waking, eye-crusty daze it hit me... I needed to downgrade my PSP! I had not had this thought in about 6 months - I haven't USED my PSP in about 6 months for that matter - and I have no clue why it hit me today.. but it HAD to be...
  10. classicgmr

    When T/f Files - Path Is Too Deep?

    I tried searching the forums but it gives me an error that the "words in my search are all 4 characters or shorter" so if this has been discussed/fixed I apologize. I ran into a 4GB SD issue last night when my card came in. The reader I have formatted it fine at 3.87GB/FAT32 but when I copy...