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  1. Mark1970

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    Wow I am pretty late to the party and took my Pandora out of the drawer and with me on a holiday trip. Downloaded the R14 release of the emulator and was simply blown away by the difference with the R8 release that I had on it before that. I literally got goose pimples down my back when I saw...
  2. Mark1970

    OP at Replay2011 video I made some Replay 2011 footage too, talked to quite a few people including Michael from the Pandora crew. Actually 22:30 is the moment where I encountered the Pandora stand and ended up talking to Michael. Oh and I ended up talking to Jeff Minter...
  3. Mark1970

    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 100% Complete Done!

    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 100% Complete Done!
  4. Mark1970

    1st day with my Pandy, I'm impressed ..

    You could also try resetting to default the nub-settings. Those can be found in the Nub app.
  5. Mark1970

    Quick summary of the last week (2011 - 02 - 01)

    I wonder if filling in those quotes will make life easier. It won't make life easier for the guys who are putting these devices together. People will start saying so and so should step up the pace and such. Besides it also creates a false sense of accuracy. No matter what they do - other then...
  6. Mark1970

    I Got My Pandora

    Yes I finally got my Pandora and my god was it worth the wait. The build quality simple amazes me. The screen and the finish of the System software. Kudos to all the people involved. I did run into problems with corrupting files on a 32Gb SD-Card which had problems under the FAT32 file system...
  7. Mark1970

    Enjoying the heck out of my Pandora!

    Enjoying the heck out of my Pandora!
  8. Mark1970

    Enjoying the heck out of my Pandora!

    Enjoying the heck out of my Pandora!
  9. Mark1970

    Cancel Pandora And Refund Money Or Go Bankrupt And Be A Hermit.

    Well I got mine! After two years of waiting it was worth it!
  10. Mark1970

    Release Zx Pandy Released

    It was one of the first things I tried on my new Pandora. It runs just fine except when you try to exit the application. For some reason a layer containing the graphics from this great spectrum emulator remains on the screen. You can actually see the Pandora loading in the apps from the MMenu...
  11. Mark1970

    Dutch Get Together Round Up!

    No pandora yet. Dutch yes. No time, and I don't know a lot of the people getting together.
  12. Mark1970

    Fellow Pre-Orderers: Reveal Yourselves

    Hi, My picture is my profile pic. And this is me 'anime style' :P Oh and the little animated smily thing on the footer of my post is also me - animated 32x32 pixel style! :P Cheers, Mark
  13. Mark1970

    Beta Appstore

    Sure why not!
  14. Mark1970

    Denieng Genocide

    Et tu Brutus? :P
  15. Mark1970

    Sega 32-X

    The 32x version of Virtua Racing is pretty damn good, better than the Genesis/megadrive version. Worse than the Saturn version which is about as Arcade perfect as it can be in my opinion. But then again all is relative ;-)
  16. Mark1970

    Anyone Prefer Gp2X (F100, F200) To Wiz? If So, Why?

    My GP2x 1st edition fits in my cradle and I am able to play stuff on the telly with a USB gamepad - excellent stuff. This has not been the case with my Wiz nor my gp2x F100.
  17. Mark1970

    Tearing Phenomenon

    It is not simply a matter of Fixing a tearing issue. It is a matter of reprogramming your graphics engine for the emulator you use. GPH in all their excellence have created a good handheld but yet again have screwed up by rotating the screen the wrong way. As I understand it the screen...
  18. Mark1970

    Vice C64 Emulator Update

    I am glad something like Vice on the gp2x Wiz even exists. Thanks Pickle! In addition to DaveC's comment - in this version the menu still is weird that way. Reverting to previous settings - settings (ReSID) that are not practical for day to day use when playing games.
  19. Mark1970

    Wiz Vice C64

    Well the 1541 emulation, virtual device settings keep on turning on even when you want them turned off and select a specific file to load. On the original gp2x switching these settings to off and then selecting a d64 or other file to load wouldn't result in those settings automatically being...
  20. Mark1970

    Qtopia Wiz V1.0

    Wow, a real GUI for the Wiz - very nice. Reminds me of the GUI used on the DSL release.