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    One Vid Per Day - Discussion

    I don't quite understand what you're trying to twist my statements into here. If it was available but not open, well, we'd have something like a Playstation 3 - the device that's so well supported, I can't expect it to run games sold for it anymore. I'm stating that openness is an advantage for...
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    One Vid Per Day - Discussion

    How: Well, the device isn't generally available. The whole reason we have all these tools is that the system itself is open. As for fullscreen programs, I'm again reminded of a feature in the Ion window manager - whenever a program went fullscreen, that program was considered its own workspace...
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    One Vid Per Day - Discussion

    I'm not blaming him. In fact, I am thankful he pointed out some programs I will probably be using. I expect the rushed nature of this demonstration has to do with the "one vid per day" constraint - doing one every day is a notable undertaking, and it's not the only thing he has to do. These...
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    One Vid Per Day - Discussion

    I get the impression he simply doesn't know what each program is about (i.e. what makes them in particular interesting) for a bunch of them, and for some the video is simply too rushed. Figaro's password manager: Use it not only to track your passwords, but generate them! The safest passwords...
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    Where Are The Tv Out Cables ?

    HDMI is popular, but it's a bit costly to build into these devices. Not only are there licensing costs (although not very high), but you'll need a TMDS driver chip. I would at least consider DisplayPort, which has available adaptors to current formats including VGA. But it's probably more...
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    [SOLVED] Aargh! My Sdhc Card Died In My Panda!

    I suggest running testdisk to locate the filesystem, if it's still there. It can recreate the partition table for you, should it be corrupted. Might want to use fdisk -l to check if the partition table looks halfway sane.
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    Wiimote Driver On Pandora?

    Just thought I'd note that cwiid runs entirely in userspace - it should be no problem getting it to run, and it would be quite independent on OS changes except if someone decided to remove uinput. In that case, it's a kernel (or module) compile away. I don't have a Pandora yet, but I have used...
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    Do You Think The 3Ds Will Be Able Run Homebrew?

    Probably just about as reasonable as that behind Sony shutting me out of being their customer (neither PS Store nor new game discs will work, as well as other things, like remote play on my Vaio) for using a function they promoted and sold me (yes, I run Linux on my PS3). And when confronted...
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    I'm Not Going To Get My Pandora Before School Starts, Am I?

    I have one little hope for what might change. The Frankencamera project uses an OMAP3, as does the Pandora, and in fact the N900 is one of the active platforms. Meanwhile the 3DS demonstrates the first step towards stereo photography in a consumer device. Combining the two would be really...
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    Getting Up And Running Developing For The Pandora

    For an IR receiver, you probably want to take a look at the LIRC project. The question is how to connect the GPIO driver to a LIRC driver; I'm not sure what interface is available for the gpio, but many lirc drivers already use hooks into other drivers.
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    Getting Up And Running Developing For The Pandora

    You do not want to start out with device drivers or embedded programming; the Pandora is a capable computer running a full operating system. ALSA, OSS, fbdev etc are all low-level drivers, which we try to abstract away using things like SDL or Qt. To get you a better answer, an idea of just what...
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    Minor Question Abiout Keyboard

    They are Start/Alt, Select/Ctrl and the Pandora Logo buttons.
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    The Ebay Psp Charger

    You would have, if it had been a traditional regulated transformer. This is a modern switch mode power supply, however. The bridge rectifier consists of the four large diodes on the input side. Q1 is the main switch transistor, which will charge a magnetic field in the transformer; it then...
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    Pandora 'Quick Overview' video from ED

    Great video, although it went so fast I had to rewind once to read all the text. On another note, this is the first time I can recall that a youtube video wouldn't work with minitube or youtube-dl. It only worked in chromium. I guess it's time to update the download scripts for webm support!
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    Windows Ce For Pandora

    The point of a real time system is predictable scheduling. The report excerpt states that although Windows CE offers the round-robin FIFO type, it does not honor it when asked to reschedule. It's a strange corner case, where a thread asking to give time to other threads fails to do so - for the...
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    New To Linux

    Ratfink, why post a fork bomb in a thread about learning about the system? Personally I am unreasonably fond of The UNIX programming environment. It's an ancient introductory book to UNIX, which GNU is at its core an extended remake of. Programming simply pervades the approach to computing...
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    Android Poll.

    Yes, it's a driver issue - but before that, it's a design decision to require driver features they don't have in software. It's not merely that they include only those two drivers, it doesn't even work with nvidia or ATI drivers. With any other Linux distro, you could download it, run it, and...
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    Android Poll.

    I'm not sure I'd say the same for Meego. It is a rather normal GNU system at heart, where Android has a very custom userspace - even going as far as replacing the C library. My main peeve with Meego is that it can't be tried out - it works only on some Intel based netbooks and Nokia tablets, by...
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    Pandora Should Move To Android

    What Ångström needs is more developer attention, and orientation documentation. The Pandora community could be enough to pull that off. What Android could bring is more mainstream stuff - appstore, prepared UI and such - and it would indeed be nice to have that option on the Pandora. I'm...
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    Rumours About The Up And Coming Psp Ii

    This sounds a bit familiar. The Dreamcast was developed with multiple distinct platforms before release. I'm really rather hesitant about ever investing in a Sony device again, though, after they decided to attack me for having the audacity to use my PS3's functionality as they sold it. I should...