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    Just Received Newsletter!

    Just got my newsletter too. It's ok though, us diehard early adopters weren't going to let some paltry newsletter delay slow us down. ;)
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    So, What Did You Order?

    1 x Pandora 1 x Case 1 x TV-Out 1 x Extra Battery (one of my main uses for this is on long flights, so I figured for $30 why not) 1 x Dev fund 2 x 32GB SD cards (yeah I can probably find cheaper, but I'm lazy) Damn... only Renegade has me beat. ;)
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    Which Will You Buy?

    Pandora for sure. Possibly the Wiz as well (I like the small size), but not until either A) they change the 2nd d-pad to buttons, or B) I see substantial feedback that the 2nd d-pad works just fine as is for buttons. My litmus test, as always, is how well you can play SNES FF3 on it. The Wiz...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Analog pads and screen look awesome... can't wait to see the whole design. Man, if the pads somehow can be used as scroll wheels, that'd be what, six analog axis? Sick. :D My 2 cents on the buttons discussion: Have an Exit (or Quit) button and a Menu button, and let programmers do what they...
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    So What Are Your Credentials?

    Taught myself BASIC (and some ASM) on VIC-20 (5K of user RAM baby!) and C64 starting from about age 7. Moved on to Pascal, C, etc in high school. Placed in top 2% in 1997 Canadian Computer Competition. Attended Waterloo for CS for a couple years but left early to join some friends in a...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    OK, attempt #2. I did two versions, a symmetrical one and a non-symmetrical one: Added inch and cm rulers for scale. Images should be viewed or printed at 85DPI (my 19" LCD at 1280x1024 is ~85DPI) for approx actual size. The symmetrical one is starting to get crowded with the extra...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Sorry to correct you, but on double checking your math appears to be off here... 99.7 / 56.2 ~= 1.77... which is 16:9 ratio, not 15:9 (1.66...). 15:9 dimensions for a 4.3" diagonal are 93.655mm x 56.193mm. Jake, if you can print mine with the image DPI set to 108, the screen should be approx...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Bah.. what's 3.2mm between friends? ;)
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Eolair's design, and talk of two analog sticks inspired me to try my hand at a mockup: It's much rougher on details than Eolair's, was just trying to get a feel for the aspect ratio and possible control arrangement. Obviously Dualshock inspired, and adding a few more buttons, keeping in mind...
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    How Good Is Emulation On The Gp2x?

    I am currently playing through Final Fantasy III (6j) with DrPocketSNES, it runs very well with transparency and sound at 260Mhz. It is a bit choppy at times (esp scenes with a lot of transparency, eg the rain in Zozo) but always very playable. Turning off transparency makes it run...
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    Experimental Sdhc Support For Gp2x

    SanDisk 4GB SDHC (Class 2) works. Thanks a ton for this!
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    Final Fantasy 3 W Squidgesnes

    Mind if I ask what settings you use?
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    Firmware V2.1.1

    I have been completely unable to update to 2.1.x properly. When I try flashing to either 2.1.0 or 2.1.1, it never gets past the green screen on boot. I have tried flashing multiple times. I am using a 2GB Sandisk, it has worked on every firmware upgrade without issue before. I have had to...
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    Where On Your Sd Card Do You Keep Your Music?

    I use /media for all music, pictures, and video myself. I would vote for a changable config setting, over a full SD scan. If you're scanning subdirs, a full scan will still be possible via setting the config value to /, so this gives us complete flexibility.
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    Sound Is Crap On New Ssnes Version.

    Has anyone managed to get decent sound in Final Fantasy III? Seems pretty garbled no matter what I try.