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  1. mingus_dew

    Capcom Vs Marvel

    i think we should port or recreate capcom vs marvel because lets face i the only time you ever play it is when your at an arcade and you spend all your quaters because its so addictive(i know we have king of fighters with hella characters but why not capcom vs marvel its better ) and it kills...
  2. mingus_dew

    In The Usa Today Who Are You Voting For

    who are you going to vote for today you dont have to say but you can have political debates with poeple that you think are st;upid for not voting for the person you think should become president
  3. mingus_dew

    Cant Convert

    i've allready tried to look for this topic on the search engine so i was wondering what programs are best to convert aac. to mp3. for the gp32 or can the gp already play aac. format music.
  4. mingus_dew

    How Cheap Is Choclate

    this is the how cheap is choclate chat :P anyways ho cheap is the choclate where you live it can even be the E (dont have the button for the pound (euro)) choclate here used to be 50 cents bow its 65 cents how about you
  5. mingus_dew

    Need Answers

    i cant get the drmd genisis emu to work on any zip files i not the overcloking because on gpcinema i can overclock to 166 and its really driving me crazy because i cant play sonic 1,2,3,sonic and nuckles,sonic 3 with nuckles and its just frustrating
  6. mingus_dew

    How Tochange To Difrent Firmwares

    ok i just flashed my rom to to a multy firmware and i cant change from the original firmaware help
  7. mingus_dew


    go to this website and see the specs and read about the gp32s brother the gpI insert credit :)
  8. mingus_dew

    Ive Looked Everywhere

    ok ive looked everywhere and i cant find a tutoriual for the vurtual dub setting for gp32 its driving me insane@#$@#@#@ its driving me so insane today i ate a tweenky wiener sandwitch :o
  9. mingus_dew

    Need Help Converting

    ok ive tried everything and i cant get my dvd ripped to my pc and this is my 5 to last option so i really need some advice fast thank you in advance
  10. mingus_dew

    Is It Possible To Port Psx Games Or 64 Games

    i was wondering if it is possible to port games from diffrent systems like playstation or n64
  11. mingus_dew

    What About Ripping The Games

    i've read that some games were ripped like king of fighters 91 (whitch may i might ad is an awesome game to play on your gp)and bomberman world gp.also i was wondering if those games can be ripped what else can :D
  12. mingus_dew

    Resident Evil In French

    the resident evil game is in french cant read it dont know if its all the way done but it would be really kewl if somebody could translate it or ieven ask the person whos making it to finish it if its not already
  13. mingus_dew

    Computer Glitching Heeeeeeeeelp!

    my computer keeps saying that i dont have directx 8.0 or higher when i have 9.1 i dont know what to do
  14. mingus_dew

    Cant Convert Dvds To Divx Or Avi

    when i try to rip my dvds to my computer it wont work i have so many dvd converters but it keeps saying theres an error on the disc i neep help plz all thanx in advance
  15. mingus_dew

    Cant Get Roms To Load

    :( i need help getting my gba gb and gbc roms to work is there something special i should know
  16. mingus_dew


    is sublime the best band ever i think maybe put up your opinion this is not a poll i reapeat this is not a poll cause put up wheatever you want about them i dont care