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  1. classicgmr

    Which Will You Buy?

    I am still (im)patiently awaiting the Pandora. *drool* :D
  2. classicgmr

    Mame4all - Legal Disclaimer Problems

    what have i done wrong???? cheers guys.. Press the joystick left then right... that simulates the OK message.
  3. classicgmr

    Gp2x Is On Ebay

    GP2X with AC adapter, 2GB SD card, TV out cable and carrying case now on eBay: eBay Link I don't use it anymore and Pandora has all my hopes up. :) U.S. and Canada shipping only. Sorry. :unsure:
  4. classicgmr

    Have You Told Your Wife/better Half/significant Other Your Getting A P

    I told my girlfriend about it back in January and she's been saying the same thing right along... "You need one on the first day! Can you pre-order it yet?" I picked a good one don't you think? ;)
  5. classicgmr

    Post Your Pets! [Warning 56k-ers]

    My fuzzball Hobbes -
  6. classicgmr

    Reword - A 6 Letter Word Game V0.4

    I have blown countless hours on your Reword games in the past and this one is a welcome upgrade. I DO have one issue with it however. While in the main menu the music is extremely loud and the volume controls have no effect on it at all. The volume WORKS in game(sounds are lower or off) but the...
  7. classicgmr

    Life Span Of Nimh Batteries?

    Funny I just had to replace the exact same set of batteries. I've had them maybe a year and a half or so and they won't even keep a charge. Less than $10 USD to replace them though isn't bad and if they'll give me another year and a half of use it's worth it again. :)
  8. classicgmr

    Pipes Won't Run - Anyone Have It Working?

    Thanks to you both! That helps out a ton. :)
  9. classicgmr

    Pipes Won't Run - Anyone Have It Working?

    That was exactly what I needed! Thanks Alex. Can I assume that if there's a *.jar file involved in the archive it will probably be a Java game if it doesn't launch properly?
  10. classicgmr

    Pipes Won't Run - Anyone Have It Working?

    I am trying to get Pipes 2.0 running on my GP2X but I am having no luck. This is the first homebrew that I haven't been able to load at all. I placed the archive in the mnt/sd/games/pipes/ directory and set GMenu2X to run it. It wouldn't run. I then tried it outside of GMenu2X. No good. I tried...
  11. classicgmr

    Mame4all For Gp2x V1.1

    Downloading now! Can't wait to check it out! Thanks Franxis for your hard work. :)
  12. classicgmr

    Mame4all 1.0 For Gp2x (soon)

    OK I deleted my entire post because I'm an idiot. :) I'll just make this a quick question... is there any way to speed up a rom (Mania Challenge specifically) aside from running at a higher CPU speed and would it be difficult to optimize the program for it(if it's even possible)? It does...
  13. classicgmr

    Ok If You Could Only Pick One Which Would It Be ?

    The Ur-Quan Masters. :)
  14. classicgmr

    Poll: Top 20 Mame Games

    In no particular order: Galaxian Ms. Pac-Man Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Jungle Hunt (aka Jungle King) Mat Mania (hopefully Mania Challenge is functional in the next release :) ) Punch-Out Space Invaders Berzerk Mr. Do! Moon Patrol Sinistar (I hunger!) Elevator Action Gauntlet Qix Rampage Star...
  15. classicgmr

    Yahtzee Gp2x V2.0

    Woohoo! New 2.1 release in the archives! Must download. :) Thanks again!
  16. classicgmr

    What Systems Are Still Unemulated?

    11. Vectrex
  17. classicgmr

    Mame Gp2x 5.1

    That would be an exceptional addition! I check every time a release is made to see if my favorite wrestling game will work but it always locks up. This would be VERY appreciated if you could do so! :)