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  1. mingus_dew

    Gpx2 Unvailed!!

    hopfully it can emulate the gba :)
  2. mingus_dew

    How Did You Found Out About The Gp32?

    hhmm... hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ohh yes now i remember. i was looking for roms because i love downloading illegal stuff (movies,games,music,etc...)but i saw an add on the side of rom site and it was a gp32 i clicked the link and yes i wanted one more i wanted a pet 2 toed sloth (damn did i...
  3. mingus_dew

    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    white stripes new album get behind me satan rocks harder then my fist in yo face bleach!!!
  4. mingus_dew

    Current Reading, (favourite Books)!!

    I'm reading the da vinci code. i got the book awhile ago but when i stared reading it aqua teen hunger force came on and i never picked it up again until a couple of days ago.
  5. mingus_dew

    Smashgp Characters

    wow this game has been a big success when it first came out i thought it was ok but now its getting to where its almost like ssb for 64 :D
  6. mingus_dew

    Merry Christmas

    merry christmahanikwanzaka
  7. mingus_dew

    Smashgp Characters

    my link character sucks all it can do is stand in one place and attack i tried everything also it dosent even look like link its like a blob please help me :(
  8. mingus_dew

    Smashgp Characters

    ohh thanks
  9. mingus_dew

    Smashgp Characters

    sorry to be a nusence but i was wondering if i could get the guide i dont care if its not helpful
  10. mingus_dew

    A Gp32 Site

    somebody should e-mail gamepark and ask them why they never realeased that version of the gp32 instead of the one today (i would rather have that)
  11. mingus_dew

    Show Youre Ds!!

    nope not working
  12. mingus_dew

    Show Youre Ds!!

    im gonna hook up my scanner to see if i can scan some pics of mario
  13. mingus_dew

    Ds: Is This Plausible

    actually when it starts up you have a shoose of a ds game, pictochat,a wierd little multiplayer thing, and a gba game
  14. mingus_dew

    Character Ideas For Smash Gp...

    at panelmonkey .org they have wolvorine
  15. mingus_dew

    Nintendo Ds Vs Gp32

    i think that the ds has better retail games(thats a no brainer ) but i also think that the gp32 has the best homebrew,movie(maybe),and mp3 scene but its so fun drawing and playing the mini games on mario 64 ds and the games way better then the 64 viersion so in my eyes its sorta a tie ohh...
  16. mingus_dew

    Do You Guys Belive Time Travel Is Possible.

    first of all einstiens(dont know how to spell) thery if we walk backwards and go back in time then walk forwoards wed be stuck cause were always walking forwards just the same as time travel if you say its impossible to back in time then its impossible to go to the future my pont made
  17. mingus_dew

    Capcom Vs Marvel

    i think we should port or recreate capcom vs marvel because lets face i the only time you ever play it is when your at an arcade and you spend all your quaters because its so addictive(i know we have king of fighters with hella characters but why not capcom vs marvel its better ) and it kills...
  18. mingus_dew

    Psx Emulator

    now i havent posted for a while but im al little grouch so sorry for intruding words you mother $@#@$ idiot newbie just search around if you want and do a make a new thread about the same old thing god fucking damn <_<
  19. mingus_dew

    In The Usa Today Who Are You Voting For

    ok the votes are 252 kerry a 254 bush(damn you bush) in in i in the wa wa words of whoopi goldberg quote" when i said i wanted bush i didnt mean george w." end qoute
  20. mingus_dew

    In The Usa Today Who Are You Voting For

    who are you going to vote for today you dont have to say but you can have political debates with poeple that you think are st;upid for not voting for the person you think should become president